Top 10 Internet of Things Solution Companies - 2021

Today, as the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted conventional operations, organizations across market sectors are transitioning from legacy and manual strategies to remote and digital solutions in an attempt to ensure business continuity. And owing to its ability to provide real-time information 24/7, the Internet of Things (IoT) is at the forefront of this shift in business operations. With a proven record of augmenting processes such as fleet management, freight monitoring, grid electricity maintenance, among others, innovative IoT solutions are driving further remote-working capabilities, which is a business-critical capability in the current ‘pandemic-struck’ business ecosystem.

Moving forward, IoT is predicted to enhance network agility by combining with artificial intelligence (AI), thereby allowing businesses to implement, automate, control, and protect their wide range of tech-driven applications at scale. At the same time, as IoT advancements eliminate the existing prevalent challenges with respect to its applications, the technology will expand the horizons of its capabilities across a plethora of industry sectors including healthcare, construction, utilities, finance, and more.

To help organizations find the right IoT solution provider, a distinguished selection panel and CIOReview’s editorial board has selected a list of IoT solution vendors that exhibit innovative technologies combined with the latest operational strategies. We have assessed hundreds of IoT solution providers and shortlisted the organizations that are leading the charge in resolving the prime challenges in the IoT arena.

We present to you CIOReview’s 10 Most Promising Internet of Things Solutions Companies – 2021

    Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Companies

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    Acceliot is an information technology and services company, was founded to deliver a holistic solution set which is purpose-built for the age of AI, machine learning and 5G, to improve the delivery and scalability of IoT technology.To overcome the challenges of interconnectivity and interoperability among multiple hardware and software platforms, Acceliot developed an IoT platformthat integrates sensors, fixed RFID scanners, mobile devices, applications, protocols, and multiple systems. With that, they bring real-time operational visibility and create a seamless bridge between disparate platforms and devices

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    In the second wave of IIoT, open industrial control systems will dramatically increase the value that Industrial IoT (IIoT) can deliver to manufacturers. is central to this migration to open process automation. offers an orchestration platform that coordinates and manages multiple digital infrastructure layers (applications, virtualization, networking, security, and devices) across the system lifecycle to increase process control systems' efficiency and reliability. Fusion software allows an industrial control system composed of components from a variety of vendors to be managed as a single, unified system, which is critical for the reliability and safety of these systems

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    Since 2016, the company is helping world’s largest device manufacturers, independent software vendors, system integrators, and ESCOs deploy their IoT projects

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    Very is a fully-distributed IoT engineering firm, partnering with their clients to build systems for smart manufacturing, smart energy & utilities, consumer electronics, and connected wellness. Very’s clients come to them for answers to their thorniest questions. What the company brings to the table is a world-class product team ready to deliver end-to-end IoT solutions. Focused on speed, efficiency, and scalability, Very’s product teams de-risk IoT projects. Their partnerships are built on mutual trust, agile workflows, and easy communication. This makes it possible to deliver cutting edge tech to meet your most pressing challenges

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    A Premier Electronics Engineering & Manufacturing Company and the fastest growing ODM in India

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    Allegro Software

    Allegro Software

    Provider of embedded software development toolkits used worldwide to enable internet connectivity, embedded device security, and machine to machine interoperability

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    Eurotech is a global company that integrates hardware, software, services and expertise to deliver building blocks for full Internet of Things solutions

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    IoT ium

    IoT ium

    A secure, low cost, scalable and extensive network infrastructure enabler that simplifies connectivity and migration of building automation solutions

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    PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) unleashes industrial innovation with award-winning, market-proven solutions that enable companies to differentiate their products and services, improve operational excellence, and increase workforce productivity