Top 20 IoT Solution Companies - 2020

Internet of things (IoT) has slowly become an everyday word in people’s life and moved beyond its hype phase. The last decade experienced a surge in IoT’s popularity both in the industrial section as well as commercial and household space. Undoubtedly, the near future is likely to witness all of the household items, such as cars, TV, watches, kitchen and bathroom appliances go online and communicate with each other.

As IoT clearly offers multifold advantages to innumerable businesses, the last few years have seen the rise of ‘talking mannequins’ that can seamlessly communicate with customers’ smartphones in retail environments. These ‘talking mannequins’ provide information about products on display and offer other insightful data about the purchase to the consumers. Even sensors, communication networks, analytics, cloud, and applications—the major components of the IoT model are highly innovating every industry.

In the network communications area, the introduction of 5G has opened new entries for more devices and data traffic. Add to this trend the increased adoption of edge computing, which makes it easier for organizations to process data at a faster rate and close to the points of action. Moreover, numerous IT giants are looking to increase their market share through artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and leverage machine learning and deep learning, empowering them to extract more value and insight out of their ever-growing volumes of data.

These are just a few among many new entrants that are making a splash in the IoT space. In this edition of CIOReview, we are glad to feature top solution providers that are making a mark in the IoT market.

We present to you, “20 Most Promising IoT Solution Companies – 2020.”

    Top IoT Solution Companies

  • 1

    Allegro Software is a provider of embedded software development toolkits used worldwide to enable internet connectivity, embedded device security, and machine to machine interoperability. To assist developers in building security and connectivity into their IoT devices, Allegro provides powerful agent technology with the Allegro EdgeAgent Suite, which consists of the EdgeSecure and EdgeConnect collection of products. Allegro’s standards-based connectivity and security toolkits save IoT development teams a tremendous amount of time, money, and effort by allowing them to leverage these toolkits to build their end product. Allegro has engineered a portability layer into the products that allows customers to use their choice of processor and operating system

  • 2

    American Portwell Technology is a leading embedded computer manufacturer and an Associate member of the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance,who provides IoT hardware solution from IoT Edge, Gateway, network security appliance to OEM products used in a server room. The company's IoT products have been used in many applications such as network firewall, network security access control/management, terminal server, edge device for medical equipment management, gateway device in industrial robotics, and train’s wayside control and management

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    The company is the global market leader for data management systems and has developed versiondog, the world's leading version control & data management system for automated production. versiondog provides users with comprehensive support for centralized data management and device backup. It is specially developed for industrial automation and designed to work with all data and automation systems. The software serves to keep planned and unplanned downtime to a minimum and provides users with comprehensive support for centralized data management and device backup. versiondog not only simplifies time-consuming tasks but also creates order wherever project data is periodically changed and needs to be made available from a central source

  • 4

    Born with a singular focus on defragmenting censored environments, B.O.S. Technology empowers facility managers with cost-effective and highly-scalable IoT solutions for unparalleled monitoring and optimization of their commercial, industrial, and healthcare facilities. At the core, B.O.S. Technology’s solutions allow facilities to predict failure, improve maintenance, reduce utility costs, decrease energy usage, and efficiently maintain equipment at ease. As a full-service provider, B.O.S. Technology delivers both hardware and managed services components to its clients. The company also develops its sensors besides sourcing third-party sensors. Since its inception, the company has made considerable strides in penetrating the IoT market in Florida

  • 5

    Founded in 2000, BISTel is a leading provider of real-time, engineering, and automation solutions for the global semiconductor and electronics industries. The company's Equipment Engineering Systems (EES) and adaptive intelligence (AI) solutions for smart manufacturing are shaping the factories of the future, by connecting data-driven manufacturing organizations to detect better, analyze, and predict real-time to changing manufacturing conditions. Consequently, manufacturers can realize significant cost reductions, plant-wide operational efficiencies, improved yields, and unmatched engineering productivity. Their manufacturing solutions collect and manage data, monitor the health of equipment, optimize process flows, analyze extensive data, and quickly identify root cause failures to mitigate risk for engineers and manufacturers worldwide

  • 6

    Aiming to meet their modern-age connectivity goals, BLVCKDOT offers a powerful SaaS-based ERP and CRM platform: MyFocus. The platform is designed to integrate with every kind of connected device and allows BLVCKDOT’s clients to view large amounts of data from several disparate sources through one, highly-customizable dashboard. The company helps its clients stay connected to everything, everywhere, in any digital environment, while ensuring their data privacy and security. Moreover, the platform holds the ability to facilitate over ten billion users effectively and expeditiously, in a self-configurative manner

  • 7

    Buddy Technologies Limited enables customers of any size to “make every space smarter” by way of two subsidiaries Buddy Platform and LIFX. Within Buddy Platform, Buddy Cloud, Buddy Ohm, and Parse on Buddy are the company’s core offerings that empower its customers to leverage digital technologies and their impact strategically and sustainably fully. Buddy Cloud allows ubiquitous access to and storage of information from any ecosystem – commercial buildings, recreational vehicles, schools, or an entire city – in support of smarter, healthier spaces. Buddy Ohm is a resource monitoring solution that simplifies building operations and provides peace of mind by harnessing real-time utility and operational data to reduce or mitigate risk and improve processes, savings, and sustainability

  • 8

    HannuInno Tech is a new-age IoT, machine learning, data analytics SaaS software and solutions provider that caters to dairy, healthcare, mobile security, and data center optimization industries. Based in CA, HannuInno Tech has integrated dairy farming with technology by developing an IoT sensor that monitors cow’s behavior electronically and identifies health issues such as bovine respiratory diseases. The USPTO-patented sensor is attached to the cow’s neck and identifies health concerns round the clock. HannuInno Tech has empowered small scale farmers with premium technology that helps them to predict changes and accordingly develop a decision model to optimize milk productivity

  • 9

    A pioneer in process-based Industrial AI, Seebo, with solutions to predict and prevent process inefficiencies that damage production yield and quality. Their solutions employ Explainable AI technology, adapted to the complex dependencies of multi time-series data that is inherent to process manufacturing. Leveraging a visual, code-free modeler, a client’s end-to-end production line processes and manufacturing know-how are captured into an AI-powered digital twin - without requiring the client to master data science. Seebo solutions serve manufacturers across industries – including Nestle, Procter & Gamble, Hovis, Super Bock, Allnex, and many more

  • 10

    Very is a product development firm that provides expertise in IoT, and machine learning. The company deals in product development, software engineering, and design services. Very finds creative approaches to challenge problems in physical world and building scalable, smart IoT solutions. By focusing on one project at a time, the company help clients reach their product goals

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    Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, and founded in 2013, Atomiton is a next-generation software company for the IoT age, using unique technology to enable smart systems. Atomiton’s mission is to change the future of industries by utilizing advanced digital platforms to optimize industrial operations. The company leverage AI and machine learning to create intelligent profiles and orchestrate operational efficiencies for the core pillars of industries: assets, infrastructure, energy, people, products, and supply chain. Atomiton bridges the gap between IT and OT through an industrial IoT platform that connects diverse operational systems that transform real-time data into operational models. Their software executes and orchestrates in-line industrial analytics to drive predictive executive actions within the industrial sector

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    Bittium provides dependable and secure solutions for connectivity, tactical communications, and biosignal measuring and monitoring. Bittium specializes in the development of secure communications and connectivity solutions, leveraging its over 30 year legacy of expertise in advanced radio communication technologies. The company provides innovative products and services, customized solutions based on its product platforms and R&D services. Complementing its communications and connectivity solutions, it offers proven information security solutions for mobile devices and portable computers. Bittium also provides healthcare technology products and services for biosignal measuring in the areas of cardiology, neurology, rehabilitation, occupational health, and sports medicine

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    Guavus has always been at the vanguard of streaming big data analytics innovation. It provides the ability and the intelligence to manage big data and take decisive actions in real-time, giving a tremendous boost to the digital transformation across all industries. Their production deployment experience in complex, massive networks around the globe, coupled with the deep expertise in analytics applications and artificial intelligence development, delivers proven solutions to improve customer experience, reduce costs, and achieve the scale and security required by the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • 14

    HiQo Solutions

    HiQo Solutions

    HiQo Solutions is a technology development company that focuses on the Internet of Things, mathematical data processing, and software development. Established in 2007, they have been growing by 30 percent annually, have completed over 700 projects, and formed several long-term, multi-project partnerships with their clients. The company analyzes the system needs and incorporates appropriate third-party platforms for data storage, connectivity support, device management, data analytics, and visualization. The engineering department of the company does PCB design for end devices and system controllers. They also cover every step between initial concept and manufacturing specifications

  • 15



    The vision of ioTium for software-defined converged infrastructure solutions for IIoT is based on the learning that both flexibility and simplicity are equally crucial in approaching Industry 4.0. ioTium’s OT-Net can securely and seamlessly connect all mission-critical industrial control and automation systems and assets at scale. It can also simplify connectivity management using ioTium’s Network Infrastructure offered as-a-Service to connect any asset using any protocol to any application residing in any cloud or data center through any network infrastructure and operator in a secure, seamless and plug and play manner

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    KMC Controls

    KMC Controls

    Headquartered in New Paris, IN, and found in 1963, KMC Controls is an independent American manufacturer of building automation and IoT solutions for system integrators, system distributors, IT providers, and OEM partners. With the help of automating and controlling building systems, KMC has been enabling facilities to gain higher levels of energy efficiency along with indoor environmental quality. The company is dedicated to providing open, secure, and scalable solutions, developing an affordable IoT for businesses of all sizes, building automation solutions that are easy to purchase, install, and use, facilitating reductions in operating costs and energy consumption, and increasing occupant comfort, productivity, and safety

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    Ospitek combines medicine and engineering with artificial intelligence, sensor and robotics technology and the IoT in order to deliver cutting edge, cost effective, enterprise software and technology solutions promoting better patient experience and workforce productivity. With its IoT and AI enabled software platform, it supports the workflow efficiency and communication of healthcare organizations. The company's fully customizable, software analyzes the key performance indicators of every surgical center that we work with allowing our clients to maximize efficiences, increase profitability and deliver the best patient experience imaginable

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    Siemens AG

    Siemens AG

    A cloud-based, open IoT operating system MindSphere, connects real things to the digital world. Through their digitalization approach, they open up the world to endless possibilities for new business models via powerful industry applications and digital services. As a maker, one can develop apps using convenient tools to register, test, run, operate and publish the apps with dedicated cockpits in MindSphere. The company's open ecosystem is built together with strong, well-known partners in consulting, system integration and app development that offers choices of numerous applications and service

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    V5 Systems

    V5 Systems

    V5 Systems has created the world’s first right edge computing platform for the outdoors. Multiple awards say the technology’s uniqueness and market relevance in both the Industrial IoT and security industries. Not only have industry leaders such as Intel, Nvidia, Dell, VMware, and Axis Communications validated their solution through partnerships, but most importantly, they are customer-proven with hundred of units deployed in the field. V5 Systems’ mission is to deliver a security solution that could be implemented in any outdoor environment without having to tap into fixed power of necessary power and connectivity

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    Xenio Systems

    Xenio Systems

    Xenio Systems is a venture-backed, award-winning, IoT B2B company in Silicon Valley delivering a new set of capabilities to enterprises with physical locations. Their platform brings together hardware, software, embedded, mobile, and cloud-based connectivity to enable a more personalized and connected enterprise experience. As a company, only Xenio brings together the necessary capabilities to take full advantage of the massive opportunity around multi-use IoT infrastructure for retail, hospitality, and health/fitness industries, among others. The company’s high-density platform, high coverage BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) positioning fabric, can identify and provide pinpoint accuracy of every person and asset