Top 50 IoT Solution Companies - 2014

With the increasing number of inter-connected and internet connected devices, the networking space today is going far beyond the traditional human-to-machine communications. The everyday consumer objects are turning into communication end points for a well connected world—the trend fondly called as Internet of Things (IoT). Now, with the help of a multitude of internet connected sensors, a retailer knows when to replenish the stocks in their vending machines and a driver can select the shortest route for travel, based on the information about the traffic delays–No wonder, IoT is increasingly integrating into our society and supporting our daily life.

 The spectrum of IoT probably spans more areas than the existing technologies of today—including multiple research areas like Body Area networks, Device-to-Device communication networks, Home Area networks, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle networks, and Satellite networks. The development of device sensors and wireless networking technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and 4G, is giving the momentum required by the IoT.

 With a scenario set like this, the future of IoT might be closer than we think. Smart homes are just the beginning of this. But going forward, IoT will be a lot more than just connected refrigerators or coffee makers. Sensor technology will enable computers to observe, identify and understand the world, without the limitations of human-entered data. New technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning will result in exciting new range of connected devices in the times to come. IoT is surely taking the world beyond standalone devices, into a new era where everything is connected.

This entire spectrum of IoT offers significant opportunities for technology providers. Integration of new technologies, marketing and sales support for small customers and ecosystem presence, are the attributes that define a successful IoT technology provider. For the semiconductor and electronics hardware vendors, it can be a high-volume, low-dollar market. To drive the revenue growth from the vast IoT ecosystem, the vendors must enhance their embedded software and middleware capabilities or partner with software component suppliers.

In this edition of CIO Review, we bring to you “50 Most Promising Internet of Things Companies 2014”, featuring the best vendors and consultants providing technologies and services related to Internet of Things.

A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, analysts including CIO Review editorial board has decided the top companies that are at the forefront of tackling challenges in the Internet of Things market in the US.


    Top 50 IoT Companies

  • 1

    Provides advanced Responsive Application Platform solution as a PaaS to accelerate development of process-centric adaptive solution.

  • 2

    Altiux is a provider of nextgen products, solutions, platforms and IP in emerging technology domains.

  • 3

    A provider of security in mobile, desktop, embedded and server applications

  • 4

    A provider of affordable secure wireless connections in perimeter or remote locations.

  • 5

    A provider of industrial M2M data communications technologies.

  • 6

    Provides new ways to capture, process, visualize and control enormous amounts of data in real-time which helps businesses in various industries improve.

  • 7

    Bluegiga is committed to provide innovative and easyto-use, short-range wireless connectivity solutions to OEMs, device manufacturers and system integrators.

  • 8

    A provider of advanced information technologies and solutions for the IoT industry

  • 9

    A provider of secure video surveillance and access control services.

  • 10

    A leading provider of the open wireless smart building solutions for building control and energy management, which is the core for Enterprise Internet of Things.

  • 11

    A provider of products and services as end-to-end solutions to drive business efficiencies for clients.

  • 12

    A proven industry leader in the area of GPS fleet management and vehicle telematics.

  • 13

    A leading IoT software and services company whose Greenwave360° solution makes it easy for brands to quickly and easily deliver breakthrough managed services to their customers.

  • 14

    A products and custom solutions development company providing value-added IT services to small, medium and large scale enterprises.

  • 15

    A provider of intelligent telemetry solutions, allowing companies and consumers to remotely monitor, control and track their vehicles.

  • 16

    Provides high-performance web communication platform that drives value by better connecting business to customers.

  • 17

    Enables IoT as a global leader in embedded computing technologies.

  • 18

    Experts in the design and deployment of IoT systems that help OEM enterprises build smart products that outperform and outlast other products.

  • 19

    A provider of real-time, forensics-based network monitoring and Cyber security solutions.

  • 20

    A provider of wireless broadband access solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market.

  • 21

    A provider of products and Services used in the M2M and Internet Of Things industries.

  • 22

    A company that brings a breadth of multi-disciplined skills across emerging technologies including various Cloud platforms, SAP, Java, and the entire Microsoft stack.

  • 23

    Offers a monitoring and tracking platform that forms transparent supply chains to drive business value and avoid risks.

  • 24

    Global provider of end-to-end managed application services and solutions for M2M and IoT.

  • 25

    A provider of a communications platform for the Industrial Internet of Things, including medical, energy, mining and many more.

  • 26

    A provider of cloud information systems with focus on the IoT, financial and commodity trading systems.

  • 27

    A Cognitive Security Analytics company whose platform is built on patent-pending Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning techniques to serve companies.

  • 28

    provides enhanced mobile network services for M2M and telemetry sectors.

  • 29

    A distributor of wireless, video, and embedded semiconductor products.

  • 30

    cellular-enabled solution that connects everyone who can help you manage your condition: healthcare professionals, clinical services, educational resources and many more.

  • 31

    A provider of solutions based on the development of wireless terminals that work in conjunction with software systems to provide integrated event monitoring services for M2M applications

  • 32

    Provider of end-to-end services for tiny electronics, sensing devices, security, data management and monetization.

  • 33

    A provider of a full suite of fuel, environmental compliance, petroleum and facility management software to large stores and commercial fleet operators.

  • 34

    Designs and operates a full M2M connectivity management platform for mobile network operators.

  • 35

    Offers complete solutions for the M2M market. Hardware, Software and Communication Networks, allied with integration and operation ability.

  • 36

    A provider of complete end-to-end solutions that simplify the development and deployment of IoT and M2M applications

  • 37



    Enables smart connected systems at the device level for the growing Internet of Things (IoT)market.

  • 38



    Unifies robust multi-channel support with comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management and core M2M services.

  • 39



    Builds the hardware that integrates with the physical aspects of operations and program the applications that allows to capture data and control devices remotely.

  • 40



    Developed solutions enabling universal communications and collaboration, created the advanced presence integration platform available today.

  • 41



    Provides SaaS to manage connected products, smarter with real-time tracking analytics, and help customers connect to products in a smarter way.

  • 42

    Falt Communication

    Falt Communication

    A company that sells and develops systems for secure and reliable worldwide communication within logistics, security and industrial automation.

  • 43



    Delivers digital security software, devices and services to many of the world's best known businesses and governments.

  • 44



    A company that leverages IoT to help customers solve the challenges caused by supply-chain disruptions

  • 45

    M2Mi Corporation

    M2Mi Corporation

    Applies it's software & application defined Network virtualization technologies to provide secure connectivity from devices to and through the entire enterprise data center.

  • 46

    Multi-Tech Systems

    Multi-Tech Systems

    Offers a line of certified and carrier-approved external and embedded modems and gateways, easily enabling cellular, analog, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other M2M communication capabilities

  • 47

    PCN technology

    PCN technology

    Enables secure & reliable backbone for cloud connectivity, convergence of wireline and wireless IP devices.

  • 48

    Riptide iO

    Riptide iO

    Helps large enterprises navigate the transition to an internetbased, data-driven world of integrated device management

  • 49



    equips product builders and service providers with one of a kind cloud applications for the Industrial Internet Age