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Dilip Daswani, CEO
The fact that IoT relates only to the connected devices such as smartphones, industrial machinery and equipment, and smart homes, is passé. California-based QLIKTAG is revolutionizing everyday consumer products by digitally connecting them to the Internet through smart labels. With the increased penetration of new products, especially packaged food, in the market today’s health-conscious consumers seek more information about the product or even the specific product instance. From its provenance to usage and expiry. The biggest challenge, however, is to provide comprehensive information on a label. QLIKTAG successfully addresses this issue by crafting an interactive IoT-enabled solution that allows consumers to access product information in multiple formats and information that may not be known at the time a physical label is printed such as the journey the product took before reaching the consumer. They can watch product usage videos, read information in their preferred language, and share feedback with the manufacturer at the same time—all by just scanning or tapping the product using their smartphone.

As a revolutionary IoT technology provider, QLIKTAG is enabling CPG, Health and Beauty, and FMCG industries to automate product information management as it moves through the lifecycle. “Our purpose-built IoT solution helps seamlessly maintain a digital representation of products—a digital twin—as they go through the lifecycle from manufacturing to consumption,” says Dilip Daswani, CEO, QLIKTAG Software. The solution has witnessed a broad adoption by global retailers as it has brought them a great deal of efficiency in product management.

The QLIKTAG IoT Smart Products Platform encompasses an innovative engine that helps companies tag products with a unique digital identity and creates interactive digital experiences for both consumers and retailers. All a consumer needs to do is scan the product label using smartphone to view complete details about a specific product. For example, people relocating to U.S. from other countries like China, Spain, or any other non-English regions may find it puzzling to comprehend the product information published in one language. Retailers can make consumers’ lives easy by adding more information, such as product usage videos, to the smart label. More importantly, they can print the product information in multiple languages to cater to consumers from other non-English nationalities.

Our purpose-built IoT solution helps seamlessly maintain a digital representation of products—a digital twin—as they go through the lifecycle from manufacturing to consumption

Also, e-tag attached to the product helps consumers check product authenticity, which obliquely eliminates counterfeit goods from the market and establishes transparency between a retailer and consumer.

“Generally, consumers don’t read the information printed on labels, for either they don’t fathom the technical details or are unfamiliar with the language. Our platform eliminates all these challenges, making it convenient, intuitive, and collaborative,” explains Daswani. In addition to the information sharing feature, the platform equips consumers with a two-way communication channel through which they can directly share feedback with the product manufacturer.

Recently, QLIKTAG partnered with a large-cap pharmaceutical company, who was facing challenges in their efforts to conduct clinical trials effectively and receive feedback from patients. Daswani says that clinical trials for one of these pharma companies were expensive because it involved testing new drugs in patients, creating a need for a robust and intuitive solution to channel the feedback. QLIKTAG created a smart label based on the 2D Datamatrix barcode that allowed the client to provide comprehensive product information and collect feedback directly from its patients being the first-of-its-kind company to offer IoT-enabled smart solution for consumer goods, QLIKTAG today caters to a multitude of global grocery brands and pharmaceutical companies, helping them to build transparent relationships with their customers. 2019 will see the release of an innovative feature-addition to its platform, which will let retailers and manufactures design and create APIs to customize data acquisition methods into their systems.

QLIKTAG Software, Inc

Newport Beach, CA

Dilip Daswani, CEO

Provides brands and manufacturers with a platform to deliver product information, deploy extended merchandising capabilities, and set up interactive mobile experiences at the actual point of consideration

QLIKTAG Software, Inc