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Jamie Harsevoort, Founder & CEO
With the advent and rapid mushrooming of IoT, big data strategy has radically transformed wherein big data is no more mere ‘big,’ it’s massive. Making sense of this data is equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack. Studies reveal that 88 percent of data collected in corporate environments is never used, and most data that is accessed will be utilized just once. According to Jamie Harsevoort, founder and CEO of Webility Solutions, “a lot of IoT systems suffer from data overload. If one cannot visualize that data in a meaningful way, it just becomes information overload that doesn’t provide any value to people.” The premise that data needs to have a purpose, and that this is rarely achieved in a generic solution, paved the way for Webility Solutions to become a premier company for managing IoT data and building business intelligence solutions. Webility Solutions provides high-quality custom cloud applications to help enterprises derive valuable analytic gains from previously underutilized data for ensuring timely and accurate decisions that fuel business growth. With rich expertise in managing large data systems, the company provides custom-built solutions to ‘make sense of IoT data,’ catering to diverse use cases, including the realm of facility management and refrigeration controls, transportation and forestry equipment, and health care data collection systems.

Webility works in close partnerships with multiple hardware vendors and engineering companies to develop a custom solution for extracting data out of building automation systems or equipment. They also modify their basic IoT sensors to deliver solutions that aid in extracting data creatively. The company employs a “semi-custom” model that uses their mature code base as a foundation that clients can leverage, and combines that with a tailored approach to developing and customizing predictive analysis tools, user-friendly dashboards, and simplifying information to make it more usable and meaningful, and more. The company also harnesses the power of IoT technology to monitor any device, anywhere, anytime.

When Harsevoort laid the foundation of Webility Solutions, the company initially focused on data management that dealt with large data systems, CRM systems, ERP systems, and gradually evolved into IoT solutions. Webility’s IoT solutions integrate IoT information volumes from disparate and new sources while detecting fraud, optimizing operations, and reducing risk.

If one cannot visualize data in a meaningful way it just becomes information overload that doesn’t provide any value to people

In the realm of equipment manufacturing, Webility provides solutions for a plethora of functions spanning engine performance, operator performance, and predictive maintenance. Currently, with their focal point on IoT solutions in facility management and refrigeration control, Webility Solutions’ facility management software provides valuable data and analytics, helping organizations make informed decisions, apply the right measures, and track accurate results. Similarly, the firm's facility management software is custom made to provide full visibility into the health and efficiency of the client’s unit by leveraging the IoT sensor technology.

Additionally, Webility Solutions provides custom communication solutions for giant companies such as equipment manufacturers, which integrate different features to quickly review and troubleshoot critical infrastructure at all local sites as well as remote areas where WiFi or cellular data coverage is unavailable. When relying on satellite communication, which is highly expensive, many companies depend on Webility Solutions for data transfer in a cost-efficient fashion. “We enabled equipment to minimize communication costs while still maintaining the ability to send immediate alerts for critical events by inducing logic into the local machines. By doing so, the cost levels reduce to a small fraction of what an off-the-shelf system would be for the operational cost,” asserts Harsevoort.

Moving ahead with a promising future, Webility Solutions strives to build strong long-term relationships with their clients. The firm is working towards implementing machine-learning tools into their systems in the near future, making data much easier to interact with from a human perspective. Webility Solutions also looks forward to releasing several new IoT offerings in the healthcare sector.

Webility Solutions

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Jamie Harsevoort, Founder & CEO

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