Smartiply, Inc.: IoT for the Rest of the World

Kaushik Pillalamarri, Co-founder & CEO
The top executive of a global Enterprise IoT company which offers electronic surveillance-as-a-service faced a major predicament. Unable to stream live surveillance video and monitor locations effectively due to inadequate connectivity and unexpected downtime, his firm was incurring increased risk and impacting SLAs. Perplexed by the situation in hand, the firm decided to collaborate with Smartiply, Inc. to solve their quandary. Through Smartiply’s Fog Computing platform, they enabled unmatched reliability to facilitate uninterrupted video streaming and seamless fail over, thereby mitigating operational risks. Further, the platform’s ability to analyze data and make decisions locally—reduces bandwidth requirements, increases the speed of detection that is crucial to surveillance, and streamlines monitoring center workflow. Moreover, with the new platform, they were not only able to tackle current problems but were able to enter new markets with tough requirements and create differentiation. Smartiply has gained substantial steam within a short period of time since they started in September 2015; they create a fusion between Fog Computing and IoT to uniquely address challenges faced by the IoT industry.

Kaushik Pillalamarri, the CEO and co-founder of Smartiply believes that a general understanding of how IoT and Fog Computing can improve operations is prevalent in the industry today and this has enabled them to spend lesser time educating and more time designing solutions. “However,” he adds, “there are many barriers when it comes to the adoption of IoT, namely cost, connectivity, and reliability.” To break¬down cost and infrastructure barriers, propel the rate of adoption and diffusion, and bring the benefits of IoT to the whole world, Smartiply delivers its platform de¬signed to encompass features intrinsic to Fog Computing—devices, sensors, connectivity, analytics, and AI. Through its platform, the firm delivers IoT solutions rapidly, enables optimal use of network and cloud resources, seamlessly integrates into legacy infrastructure, and eliminates barriers to IoT adoption globally.Smartiply’s unique Fog Network technology allows devices to discover each other within proximity and combine capabilities to respond to extreme situations.

Our offer to the CIO is to give us their toughest, most insane IoT connectivity, reliability, or survivability problem, and we’ll tackle it

“If there is a communications loss or power loss, a nearby Smartiply-enabled device can collaborate and pick up the load,” explains Pillalamarri.

Smartiply’s channel strategy includes collaborating with system integrators to target different industry verticals with domain specific capabilities. “So far our focus has been on public safety and security, retail, financial institutions, and energy management. Going forward, our partnerships will be leveraged to deploy our solution across other sectors that have a dire need for our technology platform, such as smart cities, education, healthcare, and agriculture,” says Pillalamarri.

The year 2017 has been successful for the company with key milestones achieved. Smartiply has already launched the platform to support hundreds of deployments that benefit from improved operational efficiency and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). For a company whose clients dictate its roadmap, Smartiply built an extensible and forward-looking platform that is ready to address the needs of different industries. “Our offer to the CIO is to give us their toughest, most insane IoT connectivity, reliability, or survivability problem, and we’ll tackle it,” says Pillalamarri.

Smartiply has established multiple strategic partnerships and aims to continue collaborating with different partners to broaden its client base across various domains. Pillalamarri mentions that in the future, they plan to launch a mobile-enabled Smartiply platform to support high security enterprise mobility requirements, and create a third-party SDK to fuel innovation throughout the developer community.

Smartiply, Inc

Basking Ridge, NJ

Kaushik Pillalamarri, Co-founder & CEO

IoT for the Rest of the World: Driving IoT Adoption through Fog Computing

Smartiply, Inc