Sirin Software: Rich Expertise for Quick Software Delivery

Alexander Nikitenko, CEO
As an ace in the art of software development, Sirin Software has been providing clients with software development skills to help them deliver quality products faster. With rich expertise in embedded systems, web and mobile applications, server-side programming and web-design, Sirin Software provides successful projects in wide variety of industries: IoT, telecom, storage, retail, smart home, smart cities, home network security, automotive, healthcare, real estate. The company assists clients in designing, developing, integrating, and deploying a complete software system for any embedded application using modern and established technologies.

Working with software development companies for a while made Alexander Nikitenko, CEO of Sirin Software, realize the flaws in managing projects. “I noticed that in many teams, management was much more focused on increasing man-hours than gaining more value to its clients,” he says. He set up a new company to transform the scenario and paid special attention to ‘soft-skills’ of employees. Especially in today’s scenario where most companies require a remote team of engineers to assist them in the successful completion of IoT projects, Sirin Software brings to table a team highly qualified experienced employees for IT outsourcing. “Our high-quality services are aimed at providing our customers with information security and efficient software development processes.” The company’s highly qualified engineering team back in Ukraine assists diverse client base—from small business startups to large international holdings. This allows customers to focus on other queries without the hassle of recruiting and managing a software development team.

To carry out successful IoT projects, Sirin Software provides two different approaches to software R&D process. Through the ‘managed R&D’ model, Sirin Software provides their own project managers to manage the customer’s software development team. The project manager acts as an intermediate between client and his development team and is also responsible for providing all deliveries, communication and converting all customers’ needs into the requirements for the team.

“There is another delivery model: if client has his own project manager and just wants to increase existing technical staff, we propose him “Dedicated team model”,” says Nikitenko.
In this case Sirin Software deploys a complete team of software developers and engineers as an addition to the client’s technical team where the client manages both in-house and offshore team on a daily basis.

Sirin Software brings the right blend of rich experience and qualified resources to clients’ success with significant cost savings

With Sirin Software’s diverse expertise in IT, firms of all sizes can benefit from increased efficiency and quality. Sirin Software offers a broad portfolio of tools, services, and support to enable the development of embedded software meeting industry standards while addressing multiple application segments. “Unlike other development service providers, we provide complete software development focused software products that consist of software as well as hardware development teams to meet their various requirements,” says Nikitenko.

Serving the IoT market for only four years now, Sirin Software has already made a mark in the IT industry with its quality expert services. In one instance, the company helped a solutions provider for wireless communication for public safety design systems architecture, hardware, and software solutions. “We took care of the entire product development process while fulfilling their strategic business goals. Through our R&D team, we were able to deliver significant cost savings to the client,” says Nikitenko. This highlights the company’s prowess in IT Outsourcing to develop configurable, scalable, and easy to deploy software solutions.

Moving forward, the company intends to invest in growing opportunities in edge computing within the IoT space. With a relentless focus on IoT, embedded solutions and Linux-based architecture, Sirin Software will continue expanding its customer network to Western Europe and the U.S. In 2017 Sirin Software has already become Official Cypress Semiconductor Design Partner and will continue strengthening its partnerships with giant semiconductor and equipment manufacturing companies.

Sirin Software

Sanford, FL

Alexander Nikitenko, CEO

Provides services in IoT and the full range of software development to help clients deliver quality products

Sirin Software