GreenLight IoT: Spearheading Smart Building Systems Integration

Smart building technologies have developed significantly over the years and so have the integration sophistication required to deploy the systems. In the days of standalone controls, all that an installation technician was required to do was to physically wire up a lighting system or HVAC control unit. But things have changed drastically today. Fueled by the IoT, the integration gap between device manufacturers and device installers has made it challenging and time-consuming to get a smart building system up and running quickly. With a specific focus on fulfilling this gap, GreenLight IoT was established—a vibrant technology company committed to trailblazing the widespread commercial adoption and streamlined integration of smart building systems. GreenLight IoT has become the bridge between manufacturers and installers of IoT devices.

“We have extensive experience in deploying advanced networked wireless control systems. Device manufacturers are constantly developing new wireless technologies and it is GreenLight IoT’s mission to help installers swiftly integrate the latest advancements,” elucidates Kevin Martin, director of marketing and product development, GreenLight IoT. Often, facilities management or electrical contractors implementing a smart building/lighting system are unfamiliar with advanced wireless networked controls. This leads to deployment challenges that result in suboptimal systems. To this end, GreenLight IoT assists clients right from the initial stages by helping installers successfully deploy a system that meets a client's specific needs.. “We aim to strengthen the relationships with our customers and understand their challenges to provide enhanced solutions,” says Jonathan Cambas, VP sales and customer satisfaction, GreenLight IoT.

GreenLight IoT provides a gamut of solutions and services during and after a project deployment to ensure system success. The company includes three distinct elements in its product offerings— designing the smart wireless controls system from the ground up; streamlined system commissioning; and ongoing system support services. GreenLight IoT uses its patent-pending methodology and technologies, including its Commissioning Link Manager™ (CLM) tool, to enhance the installation accuracy, device commissioning, and overall implementation and functionality of smart building systems. GreenLight IoT’s technology creates a digital workflow that provides accurate device information gathered in real-time as well as allows the installer to participate actively in the commissioning process throughout installation.

“With our processes, we slowly introduce electricians and facility personnel to the GreenLight IoT deployment methodology to create an understanding of the smart building network,” explains Tony Garcia, the company’s VP of technology. Beyond these system deployment offerings, GreenLight IoT provides ongoing support services that are segregated into three packages offering system support, system reconditioning, and system optimization services.“Our goal is to make smart building technology integration easy for installers and customers while providing long-term value for end-user clients,” says Richard Gedmin, COO, GreenLight IoT.

Martin shares an anecdote to highlight the effectiveness of GreenLight IoT’s system deployment and support solutions, wherein a large pharmaceutical research and development firm encountered major deployment challenges when rolling out a multi-million-dollar energy efficiency initiative. Using a traditional electrical contractor for the first phase of system integration, the firm was left with a substandard system riddled with improper schedules, incorrect tracking, and wrong programming of devices. At this difficult juncture, the firm reached out to Greenlight IoT, having heard of its vast experience in deploying large-scale smart building systems. GreenLight IoT provided enhanced system reconditioning services and are now booked to oversee all future expansions of the system to ensure long-term operational integrity.

Looking down the line, Greenlight IoT is planning to provide additional products and services required for advanced network control systems and a distribution channel for networking components. While GreenLight IoT’s focus is to continue to fuel the adoption of smart building systems, they also plan to expand their horizon to further manage, distribute, and utilize the data harnessed to improve facility and business operations for end-user clients.

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Kevin Martin, Director of Marketing & Product Development, Tony Garcia, VP of Technology, Derek Davis, President, Jonathan Cambas, VP Sales & Customer Satisfaction, Richard Gedmin, COO

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