Citrusbyte: Enabling Accelerated Innovation

Brady Brim-DeForest, CEO
The tremendous pressure to increase revenue and profits in today’s highly-globalized marketplace is forcing startups and large multi-national enterprises to develop new methods of driving operational efficiencies while creating new revenue streams. As enterprises look for the fastest road from ‘concept to launch,’ Citrusbyte is uniquely positioned to design and build human-centered, outcomes-focused software that helps enterprises compete against fast moving and nimble competitors, uncover new revenue opportunities, and reimagine their customer experience from the ground up. The company designs and develops custom IoT solutions and specializes in assisting companies to architect and deploy the software they need to run their businesses more efficiently. Renowned organizations such as AT&T, Apple, Sony, and Caterpillar rely on Citrusbyte to innovate and deliver leading-edge products at the speed of a startup.

Citrusbyte designs and builds IoT platforms from the ground up for several Tier 1 telecom carriers. Catering to the complete IoT ecosystem, “Citrusbyte leads as a top-tier systems integrator and also helps clients build custom platforms, business applications, and end-to-end vertical solutions that leverage IoT technology to deliver highly integrated, robust, and globally scalable experiences,” explains Brady Brim-DeForest, CEO, Citrusbyte. The company’s approach is based on a ‘Full Stack Innovation’ model, which includes three core pillars—product, design, and engineering—layered on top of their strategy and innovation enablement offerings. Prior to development, the firm initially designs a strategy through an upfront process that includes competitive landscape analysis, customer development studies, usability research, user design testing, and technical R&D.

Citrusbyte’s team of highly skilled engineers primarily focus on delivering large-scale platforms, applications, and custom solutions backed by robust technology fundamentals. The firm focuses on reducing the cycle time of the innovation process and reducing response time required for its clients to address customer demands, allowing them to spend less time hypothesizing and spend more time delivering solutions to real-world pain points.
While developing solutions for clients, Citrusbyte teams also provide pure R&D, product concepting, and product market fit validation, as well as product positioning and funnel optimization analysis. Citrusbyte’s commitment to building intuitive and easy to use software, coupled with a process that reassesses existing business and market assumptions, enables rapid acceleration of innovation without the high cost of a full-scale, in-house innovation lab.

In one case, a leading heavy equipment manufacturer approached Citrusbyte about optimizing its delivery channel to decrease the manufacturing-to-delivery timeline. As is standard for enterprise supply chain visibility (SCV) products, their current inventory, and asset-tracking system were unable to provide real-time visibility into the locations of the critical assets. With a vision to establish continuous and real-time visibility from Time of Order to customer delivery, Citrusbyte’s digital transformation team provided the client with a custom IoT-enabled, real-time, asset tracking system in less than eight weeks. Using their AssetInsight rapid application development framework for supply chain and logistics verticals, Citrusbyte added improved GPS/AIS tracking coupled with predictive algorithms and a real-time notification system to reduce both transportation and asset delivery management costs significantly. The system leveraged client’s existing SCV network data, and identified opportunities to empower key decision makers with the information they needed to impact their bottom line and deliver exceptional ROI. Finally, Citrusbyte’s data transformation initiative revealed great value opportunity, both in short- and long-term time horizons across four primary areas—machine learning, inventory visibility, dealer data, and customer experience.

Foreseeing the IoT boom, Citrusbyte remains focused on helping businesses deliver on IoT enablement as a key differentiator. “With IoT technology promising reduced costs, improved efficiency and increased visibility into real-time business intelligence data, Citrusbyte will stay focused on designing and building world-class custom software solutions powered by the insights made possible through effective deployment of intelligently connected devices, sensors, services, and networks,” Brim-DeForest concludes.


Santa Monica, CA

Brady Brim-DeForest, CEO

Works with large enterprises, growth stage companies, and startups to solve their business challenges by designing and building innovative software solutions