Hanumayamma Innovations and Technologies: Advanced Analytics to Drive Holistic Advantage

Chandrasekar Vuppalapati, CEO
With exponential growth envisaged in the IoT arena, CIOs yearn for a platform that can communicate with wide range of technologies in the IoT environment and store all the data in a central repository for businesses to improve their operations. “We build cutting edge sensors to capture data in real time and provide recommendations based on analytics, supervised and unsupervised modeling, and Artificial Intelligence,” says Chandrasekar Vuppalapati, CEO, Hanumayamma Innovations and Technologies. The firm’s IoT-based analytics platform delivers uniform data governance enabling seamless interaction between diverse technologies and edge devices while meeting compliance mandates.

Founded in 2010, Hanumayamma is motivated to make a difference for the human race, and contribute toward a better world for future generations through its intuitive technology solutions. In order to solve the key operational challenges across industries including healthcare, agriculture, hospitality, and entertainment, Hanumayamma leverages open source technologies such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, middleware tools such as Apache Kafka, while it makes extensive use of cloud computing and in-memory analytics for backend computing.

The firm for instance, has built a healthcare analytics platform for an Indian healthcare governance agency to derive insights on disease propagation. The analytics platform captures the health data of the population and stores in the free EHR that comes as part of the platform. The company then takes the de-identified part of the data to analyze disease trends. The result is that the healthcare agency can have granular insights on the disease patterns of a population over a particular demography with respect to age group, gender, and lifestyle.

Hanumayamma explores edge analytics to drive the efficiency of the dairy and farm operations. The farming industry loses billions of dollars due to animal illnesses that could be checked with electronic monitoring. Hanumayamma has helped a major dairy farm to overcome the challenges such as drop in milk productivity, cattle health issues and mortality rate among the calves.

We build cutting edge sensors to capture data in real time and provide recommendations based on analytics, supervised and unsupervised modeling

By using IoT sensors, Hanumayamma identified the moving pattern of the cattle in real time and compared these patterns with water and food intake, and temperature variations with milk output to discover metabolic disorders. “Our analytic model, based on sensor-based edge analytics, notifies dairy managers and operational engineers to take remedial actions, saving huge cost while gaining optimum productivity and predictable outcome,” informs Vuppalapati. “We are buoyant about our next generation of IoT sensors that send alerts about noise levels to improve cattle activity and enhance dairy productivity.”

Besides driving operational excellence, Hanumayamma lays focus on customer experience and engagement as well. Its innovative Venue Analytics product is an intelligent dispenser, equipped with high-level machine learning that regulates the intensity of diffusing the fragrance based on the volume of the people in a particular location in real time. The product brings value to the hospitality industry encompassing cruises, five start hotels, and stadiums while holding significance for the healthcare industry as well. “With the ability to diffuse disinfectant in an optimized manner, the dispenser efficiently quells infectious pandemics while keeping the environment fresh and sanitized,” explains Vuppalapati.

Hanumayamma places people, processes, and technology as central to its product conceptualization in order to make a strong impact on humanity. With innovation in its DNA, it leverages IoT, data analytics and real time streaming to propel businesses to make smart decisions. On the healthcare front, the company also looks forward to leverage its free EHR in conjunction with Augmented Reality, to connect low income groups to get the services of highly specialized doctors.

Hanumayamma Innovations and Technologies

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Chandrasekar Vuppalapati, CEO

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