B-Scada [OTCMKTS:SCDA]: Ushering in a New High for Connectivity

Allen Ronald, DeSerranno CEO
Allen Ronald DeSerranno’s years of experience and business acumen in the realm of factory automation gave him the impetus to lay the foundation of B-Scada [OTCMKTS:SCDA] in 2003, taking innovation beyond the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) orbit. As technology inched forward, it was a natural progression for the company to evolve beyond the factory floor and into the cloud, and leverage the flourishing IoT. B-Scada’s software and hardware solutions offer real-time access, visualization, monitoring, and analysis of industrial information to maximize employee effectiveness and productivity. “Our product portfolio extends from machine level software to enterprise level SCADA systems to IoT platforms, provisioning information modeling, visualization, reporting, analytics, and workflow of SCADA products,” begins DeSerranno, CEO, B-Scada.

As the dexterous technology—IoT— becomes a part of the popular parlance, the market is replete with hardware and software solutions promising a new level of connectivity and intelligence in business systems. “Dozens of companies have jumped on the IoT bandwagon to provide IoT solutions; however, most of these vendors offer basic capabilities of an IoT platform and lack the expertise to build a revolutionary technology. It takes years to build a robust platform that incorporates numerous functionalities,” points out DeSerranno. B-Scada’s team, seasoned in data acquisition and graphics technology, has built a comprehensive on-premise and cloud-based IoT platform—Status Device Cloud—to provide visibility across raw operational data and transform it into actionable intelligence. For companies using multiple hardware vendors, Status Device Cloud integrates disparate islands of data from Open Platform Communications Data Access (OPCDA), Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture (OPCUA), SQL, Modbus, sensors, web services, and other sources into a single entity to improve core workflows and processes.

B-Scada’s IoT platform covers diverse aspects of a robust solution from soup-to-nuts, while leveraging high-end visualization capabilities. Besides providing Human Machine Interface and SCADA software products, the firm also offers high quality wireless sensors for seamless and real-time communication in the areas of manufacturing, power and utilities, and automation.

We look forward to bringing LoRa communications to our wireless sensors

B-Scada’s S-Series and V-Series sensors offer plug-and-play solutions ideal for homes, offices, and industrial environments. These pre-configured sensors leverage the burgeoning LoRaWAN technology to support an array of devices and monitor and measure virtually anything.

To more clearly illustrate B-Scada’s functionalities, DeSerranno cites a project the team is currently working on—involving 500 boilers spread across the U.S. “The client wanted to connect the boilers,” states DeSerranno. B-Scada, along with one of its hardware vendors, stepped in to help the client connect the different pieces of the ecosystem. “We aided the client with graphics design, configuration, and implementation that facilitated gathering of data from different parts of the U.S. to one hosted platform,” explains DeSerranno.

The strength of B-Scada emanates from its prowess to provision a secure, OPC UA based platform with an information model at its core. “We enable projects to be up and running in no time, and affordably, without having to write a single line of code,” DeSerranno states.

Presently, businesses are witnessing just the tip of the iceberg called IoT. As its adoption rises, DeSerranno firmly believes that the blend of B-Scada’s Status Device Cloud and LoRa technology is going to be a game-changer in the IIoT arena. Besides experimenting with Amazon Echo for pulling data from Status Device Cloud, the firm is assisting clients to deploy a privatized IoT platform with more capabilities and functionalities. “We look forward to bringing LoRa communications to our wireless sensors, and to enable our customers to deploy Status Device Cloud on-demand,” concludes DeSerranno.


Crystal River, FL

Allen Ronald, DeSerranno CEO

Develops software and hardware solutions that offer real-time access, visualization, monitoring, and analysis of industrial information