WinWire Technologies: Harnessing IoT to Drive Greater ROI

Ashu Goel, CEO
The Internet of Things (IoT) is more than a buzzword today. It is a disruptive force changing business models, customer experiences, and automating business operations to enable users make better decisions. In spite of all its advantages, transforming an infrastructure that has significant IT complexities into a platform for delivering Line of Business (LOB) solutions that drive top and bottom line margins is still a significant challenge for CIOs. Enterprises are constantly looking for best-of-breed IoT-driven LOB solutions to transform their business and provide competitive advantages. Working at the intersection of business and technology, WinWire, an IT Services company, leverages the entire suite of Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite and Cortana Intelligence Suite to help organizations drive higher Return on Investment (ROI). “Our robust business products and solution accelerators help clients accelerate time-to-value without requiring onerous up-front time and resource commitments,” elucidates Ashu Goel, CEO, WinWire Technologies.

As a Microsoft Managed Partner and a member of Microsoft’s Red Carpet Program for Azure IoT, Cortana Intelligence Suite, and Power BI, WinWire has early access to Microsoft’s digital transformation roadmap. This enables WinWire to build better solutions and stay at the forefront of technology while tackling new challenges. “We view IoT as a way to drive transformative business change, as well as cut costs and increase revenue,” states Goel. He further continues, “WinWire's Azure IoT Suite enables users to take advantage of Azure’s capabilities to connect devices, capture the diverse and voluminous data, and perform analytics and machine learning to enable better decision-making as well as intelligently automate operations.”

WinWire also embraces Cortana Intelligence Suite (Advanced Analytics) to help customers derive actionable insights. With the help of machine learning, unlimited data storage, and perpetual intelligence, users can seamlessly transform raw data into actionable intelligence. The firm’s analytics offering also allows customers to schedule preventative maintenance of equipment, predicting the optimal time to service machines.

We view IoT as a way to drive transformative business change, as well as cut costs and increase revenue

Along with Cortana Analytics and WinWire's pre-built solution accelerators for analytics and Azure Services, clients can take advantage of a complete product ecosystem—delivering advanced analytics, dashboards, visualizations, machine learning, and information management services.

WinWire offers solutions to a wide array of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, construction, high-tech, retail and hospitality, and professional services. For example, a DNA microarray manufacturer needed to remotely monitor their complex healthcare-related devices, capturing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as oven temperature, arrays processed, autofocus times, and available lamp life. The client required real-time monitoring of devices to perform remote diagnostics, quickly resolve issues, and auto-refill consumables to reduce downtime. By leveraging the power of Azure IoT and Cortana Analytics, the client deployed a customized solution which enabled them to seamlessly reduce their operational costs and downtime. Furthermore, the customer was also able to improve their business performance and visibility into healthcare devices and KPIs. “We help companies understand the business impact of IoT connected devices, help them choose the right tools, and operate these tools efficiently to extract optimum value,” states Goel.

Moving ahead, WinWire will continue to focus on delivering operational excellence to transform their customers’ business and revolutionize the way they operate. “We will continue to empower clients with strategic solutions, enabling them to easily map a journey where devices seamlessly interact with each other to gather, store, and process data,” concludes Goel.

WinWire Technologies

Santa Clara, CA

Ashu Goel, CEO

Leverages the entire suite of Azure IoT and Cortana Analytics capabilities to help organizations drive higher Return on Investment (ROI)

WinWire Technologies