SkyTouch Technology: The Mobile-Optimized Hotel Operating System Experts

Jonah Paransky, CEO
It has been said that the only constant in technology is change. As the global business dynamic rapidly evolves, organizations are gearing up to harness the Internet of Things (IoT), merging the physical and online worlds, opening up a host of new opportunities. With the help of IoT sensors and devices, data can be harmonized into one system, giving rise to context-aware computation and enabling environments to respond instantly to changes in temperature, light, or movement. For hoteliers, the benefits of IoT are broad and far-reaching.

SkyTouch Technology understands this. Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, the company offers cloud-based solutions to the hospitality industry, providing a powerful integration platform that easily adapts to changing technology needs, including the IoT. Jonah Paransky, SkyTouch CEO, believes that social networks will play an increasingly important part in the evolution of hospitality technology. “Social technology has an enormous impact on hotel operations, affecting how guests determine where to stay, how staff can ensure a personalized guest experience, and how the hotel can maintain that guest relationship after the stay is over,” he said. “IoT will generate even more information than what we are seeing with social networks. Hotels need tools to help them gain meaningful insights from this data to further enhance the guest experience.”

The company’s flagship product, SkyTouch Hotel OS®, is used by thousands of hotels worldwide to enhance the guest experience, and optimize operational efficiency. The Hotel OS eliminates the need to invest in and maintain costly hardware, allowing hotels to get up and running on the platform in as little as one day. “Your staff is spending less of their time trying to figure out how to operate a complicated, difficult old legacy system,” said Paransky. “Instead, they have a very easy-to-use system where they’re interacting with the guests as opposed to interacting with their computers.”

The scalable architecture of SkyTouch Hotel OS enables the platform to continually evolve with changing customer needs. Hotel staff can access it from virtually any tablet or smart phone, allowing them to be where their guests are instead of tethered to the front desk. “At the end of the day, we have to develop a system that helps hotels grow, and that provides improved operational performance and great guest experiences,” Paransky said.
A good example of this flexibility can be seen with Cobblestone Hotels and Suites, a mid-scale hotel chain. When Cobblestone was seeking new development in towns with 5,000-10,000 people, they chose SkyTouch because they needed a system that could adapt while providing their franchisees with a best-in-class operating system. “The personal touch and high levels of service that SkyTouch offers are the reasons for the continued engagement with Cobblestone,” says Brian Wogernese President and CEO, Cobblestone Hotels.

At the end of the day, we have to develop a system that helps hotels grow, and that provides improved operational performance and great guest experiences

SkyTouch differentiates itself with its outstanding customer service and an adaptable platform designed to support a client’s growth strategy, and also with its focus on continuing innovation. In this spirit, SkyTech conducts semi-annual innovation celebrations called Alpha Games. At the Alpha Games, the employees form cross-functional teams and spend the day working on new ideas. Each idea is presented and voted on, and winning ideas are given strong consideration for implementation throughout the year. The company uses the day to innovate through learning, resulting in futuristic concepts, such as hotel robots and augmented reality, that are geared to delight customers and improve the overall guest experience.

SkyTouch continues to evolve with the IoT. With its investment in a robust data interchange infrastructure to support the rapid expansion of integrations between the Hotel OS and partner systems, SkyTouch is well-positioned to provide the future hub for hotel IoT activity.

SkyTouch Technology

Phoenix, AZ

Jonah Paransky, CEO

Provides an end to end cloud based, mobile optimized hotel operating system