Redpine Signals, Inc: A Single Source Solution for IoT Market

Today, IoT market space exhibits “inch deep mile wide” phenome¬non, signifying multifaceted market segments and each segment constituting a small volume of total IoT market, creating complexity for vendors to build sustainable business operations. However, one of the challenges in IoT is to obtain the solution from one vendor that includes chipset, mod¬ule, device and cloud with application sup-port. Well-positioned to address the current necessity, Redpine Signals is providing the IoT community with wireless convergence solutions—with an idea of integrating all wireless protocols on one silicon die. “This idea of single source solution with advanced chipset, certified modules, IoT platform and cloud at one place is the fundamental value proposition of Redpine,” begins Venkat Mat¬tela, Chairman and CEO of Redpine Signals.

Although the company was initially started with the goal of providing combo connectivity for mobile phones, Redpinehas now developed the world’s first and most advanced combo chip for IoT space, M2M Combo chipset. The M2M Combo chipset, RS9113 supports dual band 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth classic, Bluetooth low energy and ZigBee with ultra-low power profile on the same silicon die.“Our M2M Combo chipset functionalities and Redpine’s team relent¬less focus on convergence research helped us in positioning ourselves ahead of others in the wireless space of IoT market,” explains Mattela. The company has also created wire¬less modules and received the certifi¬cations for FIPS 140-2 standards as well. “All the modules are industrial grade and certified for FCC/IC/CE/ TELEC/SRRC which has helped us to create a dual-band Wi-Fi module for medical applications and government agen¬cies,” adds Mattela.

The company’s device maker platform, WyzBee, addresses the system side chal¬lenges with product synthesis, WyzBee THING cards and advanced cloud platform to create IoT applications rapidly. The plat¬form offers multiple wireless protocols, flex¬ible embedded software, advanced security features, enhanced debugging options, and power optimization tools—all in one silicon die. WyzBee is unique as it can assist device makers with right tools, cloud and sensors to create an infrastructure cost-effectively and in short amount of time.

Redpine has been empowering clients to successfully tackle their IoT challenges by providing chipsets and system level products for wireless networks.
As an example, the company provided one of their clients’, Ascom, a telecommunication organization, with expert feature support for their products. Redpine’s chipset powered Ascom’s flagship i62 phone which is popular in enterprise and hospital environments as industry’s first 5GHz phone. “Winning the business is one facet and keeping it active for a long time is a different aspect. We were able to provide value to our clients’ products with proper infrastructure and roadmap support,” says Mattela.

This idea of single source solution with advanced chipset, certified modules, IoT platform and cloud at one place is the fundamental value proposition of Redpine

The company’s technology leadership and focused approach to fostering a culture of innovation has led Redpine to be an exclusive service provider in the IoT market. Redpine differentiates by providing silicon and firmware optimizations to their customers. “We have also presented innovations at device level and new tools to optimize development time and cost,” notes Mattela. Moreover, the company has expanded to three business units–chipsets, modules, devices and services unit.

“At Redpine, our team displays 10x EEE (Expert Execution Efficiency) strength, which is radically engraved in the company’s culture,” says Mattela. Redpine is also working towards noteworthy devel-opment in their WyzBee platform. In addi¬tion to that, the company will continue to drive their most integrated wireless chipset, RS9113 with lower power and minimalistic cost. “Redpine’s chipset expertise is the key part of our proficiency, helping us in being a credible sustainable player in the market,” concludes Mattela.

Redpine Signals, Inc

San Jose, CA

Venkat Mattela, Chairman and CEO

Provides an end-to-end solution for chipsets, modules, devices, cloud and application development