MetraTech, now part of Ericsson: Innovative Monetization Solutions Experts

Esmeralda Swartz, CMO
There is no question that the world is moving to everything as a service. What used to be products are now sold as-a-service. The cloud, Internet of Things technologies, and data analytics allow a business to transform through more efficient use of resources and increased service personalization (e.g. contextual data streams) as well as entirely new business models. IoT is opening the window for innovative services and often transforming entire industries. “To succeed in the IoT market organizations need agile monetization solutions to easily capture new revenue streams, be responsive to customers and partners, change business models and offer value-added services in an IoT marketplace,, all at the pace of business,” says Esmeralda Swartz, CMO, MetraTech. With the core mission to simplify and innovate how commerce is transacted, MetraTech, now part of Ericsson offers enterprise customers across industries software capabilities and tools that make the development, launch and monetization of new services quicker, simpler and less risky.

MetraTech’s business model, service and industry agnostic billing and settlement product, MetraNet, is a complete solution for rating, pricing, billing, settlement and customer self-care. It is a holistic monetization platform that supports both billing and invoicing for a service and also provides organizations the ability to compensate partners for their contribution.

MetraNet supports all service models from subscriptions to usage-based services, negotiated B2B agreements, multi-sided business models, complex services and cross product discounting and bundling. MetraNet monetizes the use of a service which could be calls, digital services, cloud usage, IoT, transportation, utilities, or financial fees amongst others. Any type of activity where the usage can be quantified and needs to be priced, billed or settled is supported in the platform as is the ability to monetize services created dynamically which is critical as IoT changes the very nature of service. Services now have connectedness and these services can be decomposed, repositioned, resold or bundled with other services by another service provider that can do a deal with the service originator. They are all mashup material.

We enable flexible service creation and monetization for industries undergoing change often through digital transformation and which need agile software solutions that are able to support their business needs

MetraTech’s solutions are based on metadata which empowers customers to easily extend their business model/data model to support new services that they want to bring to market. Industry-specific service blue prints enable a customer to easily get started and evolve as needed. “What makes us unique is that we try to apply what we learn from different industries and customers and we have a product that then enables that knowledge to be easily codified across customers while supporting the unique needs of that industry,” claims Esmeralda.

MetraTech helps companies accelerate service introduction and innovate business models.. This is particularly relevant today with the transition of products being sold as services and evolving data marketplaces such as those enabled by cloud, analytics and IoT. “We’ve helped many customers transform their entire go to market model. Examples include one of the largest North American service providers who wanted to enter the cloud market with private and public cloud services for enterprises to smart city airports like O’Hare Int’l and Sao Paulo Int’l to DTCC, the world’s largest clearing and settlement financial services company,” asserts Esmeralda. Being recently acquired by Ericsson, MetraTech is looking forward to increased opportunities to deliver its products leveraging the global scale of Ericsson.


Waltham, MA

Esmeralda Swartz, CMO

Simplifies and accelerates global commerce innovation by enabling organizations to innovate how they create, structure and manage financial relationships with their customers and partners.