Mesh Systems: Getting End-to-End Turnkey IoT Solutions Right the First Time

Richard V. Baxter, Jr., Co- Founder, President and CEO
One of the mega trends after the emergence of the internet culture is the ‘Internet of Things’. The influence of IoT implementation in the enterprise framework has been helping companies establish their value proposition to customers, address changing market trends, and attract investment. According to a recent survey conducted by Cisco, by the end of 2020 IoT will increase the number of devices and people connected to the internet to over 50 billion. With a 14 trillion dollar opportunity for companies to tap into, the IoT landscape now is highly dynamic and in the state of hyper-connectivity. To control the unremitting growth, it has become a challenge for organizations to deal with challenges in terms of communication path, data protection, and scalability. Negating these challenges is Mesh Systems. With its headquarters in Indiana, the firm provides turnkey IoT/M2M solutions which comprise hardware, software, and networking frameworks. The focus of Mesh Systems is to assist Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) develop and deploy Smart connected IoT products.

“Our primary business focus is developing ours oftware platformas the core technology which enables us to deliver IoT solutions to our customers,” says Richard V. Baxter, Jr., Co- Founder, President and CEO of Mesh Systems. He states, “We utilize MeshVista®, our IoT platform, to quickly launch new Smart systems for OEMs. With the combination of our industry expertise and MeshVista, we get their systems revenue ready in a short span of time.” MeshVista, a cloud-based component platform, enables companies to launch innovative Smart products that instantly connect, monitor, analyze, and control remote devices and machines. Baxter iterates, “Scale is not just a simple, technical challenge. You have to get it right the first time. A small mistake repeated 1 million times anywhere in the process can be a showstopper. MeshVista is massively scalable and helps us get it right from the very beginning.”MeshVista is a third generation, cloud based architecture which has always on, bi-directional, secure connectivity delivered in a scalable and cost effective manner. One of the key characteristics of MeshVista is data ingestion, which consumes vast amounts of data from connected devices. “The MeshVista platform leverages Microsoft Azure to help support scale by enabling massive data ingestion, storage and analysis scenarios with ease,” explains Baxter. MeshVista allows real-time awareness of individual/group of devices, presents elements of data visualization, and emphasizes notifications in real-time.

Mesh Systems helps our clients disrupt their industries by delivering complete, Smart products to market faster, with greater scale and reliability than ever imagined

Mesh Systems has assisted numerous companies with enhanced delivery of Smart products and services that connect devices, data, people, and processes to work together in harmony. A case in point would be BUNN, a leading manufacturer of beverage dispensing machines based in Illinois. BUNN wanted to expand its machine wellness program by adopting the latest wireless technologies and cloud based IoT infrastructure to lower support costs and enhance customer service through better remote machine monitoring and maintenance. BUNN connected machine wellness program minimizes downtime and maximizes consumers’ profits. With the help of cellular embedded technology by Mesh Systems, BUNN now has a direct view into each of the machine’s performance, maintenance needs and vital statistics, ensuring highest possible uptime and enhanced customer experience through remote support.

Mesh Systems knows that a successful IoT Smart product rollout is more than simply wirelessly connecting a remote product to a computer. Taking it from idea to launch is about orchestrating a vast engineering community of software, communication, manufacturing, as well as sales, marketing and business leaders – many of whom speak different “languages.” Smart IoT system architects must balance the feature wish list with things like workflow, logistics and deployment costs so that the product is scalable and most importantly, it is revenue ready. “We know how to do it right the first time. We are proud to help companies tap into the powerful, transformational force of IoT. Mesh Systems helps our clients disrupt their industries by delivering complete, Smart products to market faster, with greater scale and reliability than ever imagined.” states Baxter.

Mesh Systems

Carmel, IN

Richard V. Baxter, Jr., Co- Founder, President and CEO

Provider of turnkey IoT/M2M Smart solutions that include hardware, software and networking frameworks.