Fusionex: Bridging the Gap between Business and Technology

Ivan Teh, CEO and Managing Director
The Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data are clearly growing apace and all set to transform many areas of business. The intimate connection between them—billions of internet-connected ‘things’ generating massive amounts of data is an emerging area that organizations want to explore and utilize. Nevertheless, the challenge is that certain established firms have the processes and technology to handle data, while some are just beginning to appreciate the value of data. Assisting businesses on their big data journey is Fusionex, a firm specializing in data analytics with a complete and user-friendly big data analytics product, Fusionex GIANT. “To address the wider spectrum of users, Fusionex GIANT contains not only tools that can be used by the sophisticated data scientists, but also self-service tools for business analysts,” says Ivan Teh, CEO and Managing Director, Fusionex. “Big data and IoT are quite complex and the only way to ensure wide adoption is to make it simpler, and easy to understand and use so that every organization can utilize and gain value from big data and IoT.”

Fusionex GIANT provides a myriad of features like its ability to help organizations visualize and understand data with the flexibility to tailor the analysis from different viewpoints. The platform also provides a plug and play approach to link data stores/data sources, speeding up the implementation and removing the need for additional software development. The flexibility of the product is such that top officials can view their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a smartphone or tablet, while data specialists can scrutinize the result in a detailed analytics form. The most interesting feature of GIANT is that business users can gain access to insights within seconds by using pre-built industry templates or taking advantage of its wizard-driven self-service dashboard features. The company also offers Fusionex GIANT via Analytics-as-a-Service where organizations are able to maximize the potential of advanced analytics with meaningful business insights in a manner that addresses and lifts the strain off their CAPEX and OPEX budgets.

Big data and IoT are quite complex and the only way to ensure wide adoption is to make it simpler

In an IoT initiative with Intel, Fusionex made use of its GIANT technology to analyze the vast amounts of data generated by Intel’s manufacturing equipments and applied predictive analytics to forecast when their equipments are likely to fail. This is in stark contrast to earlier practices where maintenance actions were undertaken only following the failure of equipment. By utilizing the predictive analytics feature of Fusionex GIANT, Intel is now able to take corrective maintenance actions beforehand and minimize the downtime of the manufacturing line, which translates to saving millions of dollars worth of costs, time, as well as resources. Fusionex heavily invests on talent as well as research and development, providing the state-of-the-art technology tools staff require to innovate and grow.

The Fusionex team believes that the advanced analytics solution is far from reaching its true potential and intends to continue enhancing the product to make it more user-friendly. “Today, Fusionex is listed on the London Stock Exchange and although we have grown tremendously, we have never lost sight of our vision to help our clients make full use of the latest technologies in a user-friendly manner,” asserts Teh. “We do not rest on our laurels but continuously seek innovative ways to create and enhance our software solutions that will bring more value to our clients,” he concludes.


London, UK

Ivan Teh, CEO and Managing Director

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