FältCom: Open-platform IoT Solutions

Mikael Langstrom, CEO
With the number of devices connected to the net on the rise, IoT developers are in demand to create solutions that leverage IoT tools to help enterprise organizations maximize productivity and improve productivity. However, for CIOs, this demand drives them to find cost-effective and scalable solutions and functions that can connect new systems to the cloud. Many IoT firms are building closed solutions that have restrictions on the type of applications that can be integrated to the hardware, and is not easily accessible by third-party developers. The difficulty in modifying the solution adds the risk of the solution becoming obsolete in a short time. In contrast to this, FältCom, an IT solutions and services company based in Sweden, offers open platform solutions that gives developers easy access to build apps and add new functionalities for the transport, security, and communication industries. “The approach allows us to deliver a future-proof solution with applications chosen by the customer and not by the solution provider. It also allows us to expand indefinitely,” says Mikael Långström, CEO of FältCom.

The firm’s flagship communication platform allows a diverse array of peripherals to be connected to the internet, with all of its existing functions and apps. “Bridging distances is a key idea behind our platform. Since every system is connected to the cloud, our clients can save resources by being able to connect and modify the IoT platform irrespective of location,” says Långström. Unlike the solutions that are available in the market today, users of FältCom’s communication platform can save resources as they can collect device data remotely. This adds flexibility and helps clients gain insight into their operations. The platform finds numerous applications in CCTV systems, vehicle fleet-management, and communication networks. Unlike their competition that have to install new hardware, develop new software, and implement the solution from the ground up every time, FältCom’s IoT platform comes with many common functions that are already available and can be used by just installing an app as well as making minor hardware modifications.
This litheness in the solutions reduces the financial strain on the client. This was exemplified when FältCom helped Nordic’s largest public transportation company in implementing an open platform to reduce cost and add new functionality to upgrade customer experience. On installing the FältCom app on their buses the drivers incurred more savings on their annual company expenditures. Alongside the eco-driving function, there are 20 more features including the ones added by third-party providers to the platform. The functionalities in this solution include camera surveillance, ticket administration, passenger counting, voice communication, digital signs, and other key aspects. Overall, FältCom helped the customer in gaining an intuitive, cost-effective, and scalable system that assisted in reducing fuel costs and improving customer experience.

The approach allows us to deliver a future-proof solution with applications chosen by the customer and not by the solution provider. It also allows us to expand indefinitely

The company is backed by its team of experienced engineers with in-depth knowledge in the IoT arena. “Since our product isn’t really limited to the sector we plan to keep expanding to help clients in other industries with similar problems,” says Långström. FältCom is en route to becoming a global player. The firm commenced its operation in Britain in 2014 and plans to start new offices in U.S. and France later this year. “Not many can offer what we have, so if we keep improving our product, the future looks pretty bright,” concludes Långström.


Umea, Sweden

Mikael Langstrom, CEO

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