Daintree Networks: Accelerating IoT with Open Standardsbased Wireless Platform

“Wired solutions are not an option for a successful and cost effective IoT implementation,” remarks, Derek Proudian, Chairman and CEO of Daintree Networks. CIOs today must ensure that all projects are being driven by wireless technologies with open standards. Organizations thrive to stay ahead of the IoT curve and create a long term roadmap while delivering immediate benefits and ROI for tactical IoT projects. As proprietary wireless systems only allow use of their devices, companies are now looking toward open standards-based technologies. By eliminating wiring with the use of open standards, Daintree Networks caters to the problems in Enterprise Internet of Things (E-IoT) industry.

The firm provides the smartest Building Control and Operation Solution for commercial and industrial facilities, keeping the overall Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) in sync. Daintree’s ControlScope®, an open standards-based wireless networked system, enables companies to monitor, control, and manage their lighting, thermostat, plug load, general purpose control, and more. In addition, the platform can allow enterprises to control their non-energy devices in the building.

Powered by wireless mesh network and enterprise software, ControlScope’s Wireless Area Controllers and edge services bring powerful capabilities such as failure detection, multisite management, and smart system alerts. It allows a broader and more granular control of devices, simplified implementation, reduced operating and maintenance cost. In addition, the solution aids customers by enhancing facility uptime and operational efficiencies. ControlScope’s architecture ensures a scalable, easy to deploy and easy to use solution, offering interoperability to help customers future-proof their facility and stay current with the changing standards and codes. “The primary advantage of open standards-based technology is the flexibility it provides to end users as they are no longer tied to one vendor,” adds Proudian. Due to these open standards, Daintree Networks leverages a very large ecosystem of technologies and vendors that support the standard. With Daintrees’s ControlScope in the office, United Stationers, now known as Essendant, a leading wholesale business-products distributor, achieved lighting savings of nearly 94 percent after installing an intelligent lighting system with LED fixtures.
By implementing ControlScope, buildings can gradually transform into a full wireless network backed by enterprise software and data analytics, to easily manage their connected devices, space design and regulatory and standards compliance.
This platform allows customers to start with one application such as lighting control and then continues to add control of other devices, like HVAC, plug loads, and fans. The control of all of these devices to create a smart building represents the core application for the E-IoT and machine-to-machine communications.

Wired solutions are not an option for a successful and cost effective IoT implementation

Since its inception, Daintree has always been an active member of embedded wireless networking. Over the years, the company while leveraging its expertise in the area of wireless networking gradually shifted the focus to building management and are now a leading player in building controls, energy management, and Enterprise Internet of Things. To augment the level of adoption of wireless control technologies, Daintree Networks is now teaming up with ecosystem partners like LG Innotek, a leading global material and components manufacturer, LG Electronics, Deco Lighting, and many others, to create embedded wireless drivers for LED fixtures.

Complemented by a robust R&D team that is constantly working on its software and wireless network solutions, Daintree has many innovative and game changing plans for its products in coming months. Assuring that Daintree Networks will thrive with its innovation and customer delight, Proudian expounds that, “Daintree Networks is in a unique position to bridge the gap between the Operational Technology and Information Technology departments for enterprises.”

Daintree Networks

Los Altos, CA

Derek Proudian, Chairman and CEO

By eliminating wiring and using open standards, Daintree Networks and caters to the problems in Enterprise Internet of Things (E-IoT) industry.