CA Technologies: Harnessing the Power of APIs to Enable the Internet of Things (IoT)

Michael P. Gregoire, CEO
IoT is the newest opportunity for companies to streamline processes, improve service delivery, and build a better customer experience. In recent years, a myriad of proximity and sensor-related technologies have been created to reduce costs and drive innovation by enabling new devices that connect, communicate, and analyze data.

“With the help of APIs, new devices are being connected, and more applications are being developed that create real business value,” said Tyson Whitten, Marketing Director, CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA). But despite being such an important strategic investment area, IoT projects pose significant challenges for CIOs to address – how to align them with business goals, how to integrate them with legacy environments, and how to secure them while retaining convenience and efficiency.

To address these issues, CA Technologies is developing software solutions to help organizations scale, deploy, and manage APIs across all their digital initiatives, including those that incorporate IoT. The company’s API Management solution provide these new endpoints while streamlined access to enterprise data and systems, with maintaining control and security.

CA API Management supports IoT objectives by streamlining integration, security, and application development. Its solutions helps connect new devices with existing infrastructure by providing aggregation, orchestration, adaptation, and RESTful API creation. Meanwhile, it ensures that these interfaces are protected from threats while delivering access to connected ‘things’ based on identity, proximity, and context. “CA API Management streamlines the process of developing for a fragmented device environment by securely decoupling it from the back-end,” says Whitten. “It doesn’t matter whether your app is for a mobile device or connected thing, because our tools are designed to accelerate complex app development for any platform.”

With the help of APIs, new devices are being connected, and more applications are being developed for these connections that create real business value

In addition, CA API Management provides a path for businesses to unlock the value of data, by enabling rapid entry into new markets and channels. It achieves this by integrating and automating many areas related to IT management and security fostering agility for the application economy. “Our API management technology is a catalyst for innovation. For example, we boost productivity by allowing businesses to design, create and test APIs in minutes versus hours, and then enabling them to optimize the business performance of those APIs over time,” said Whitten.

Beside its repertoire of products and solutions, CA Technologies’ software-only agenda is a core-differentiating factor. “The easy-to-buy, easy-to-deploy, and easy-to-use nature of our software meets the mission-critical needs of many customers in healthcare, finance, government, retail, and manufacturing,” Whitten says. For example, a major auto manufacturer successfully used CA API Management to enable and secure the integrations between a customer’s vehicle, mobile device, and the company’s enterprise back-end. “Our API Management technology helped this client reduce development time, improve security, and build a world-class IoT infrastructure,” said Whitten.

As IoT becomes a critical part of the application economy, CA Technologies plans to take this zeal for API innovation and digital transformation to help companies build better apps, services, and micro-services, all to deliver on the promise of mobility and the Internet of Things.

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Michael P. Gregoire, CEO

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