AvaLAN Wireless: Secure and Reliable Industrial Internet Delivered

The rapidly growing IoT implementations in the industries continue to demand a secured, high speed and reliable network. However, the conventional wired Ethernet is no longer a viable option as it often encounters frequency interference, security issues and the length of networking cable may limit overall area of network coverage. These issues ultimately affect connectivity and productivity in an interconnected devices environment. The organizations are now looking for smart wireless Ethernet solutions which can not only bridge the distances between connected devices irrespective of their disparate locations, but help build a secure and sustainable network. Coming to rescue is AvaLAN Wireless, a developer and manufacturer of long range industrial wireless Ethernet radios and Cryptographic technology that ensures the data safety and reliability of industrial IoT networks. “We are focused to deliver portable secured wireless connection in perimeter of office and remote locations,” expresses Matthew Nelson, President and CEO of AvaLAN Wireless.

In tune with modern day IoT advancements AvaLAN Wireless has developed unlicensed 900MHz, 2.4 GHz, 4.8 GHz and 5.8 GHz radio bands which combine the reliability and security aspect of industrial internet. The company delivers Wireless Ethernet Bridge, Outdoor Wireless Ethernet and 900 MHz Ethernet Bridge for industrial IoT space. “Our products are engineered to solve difficult network challenges for installations that cover long range distances, seek interference immunity, top-notch reliability and data security,” shares Nelson. With the extensive knowledge in IoT domain, AvaLAN Wireless has deployed its own Internet Protocols (IP) for delivering consistent traffic and managing the Ethernet packets. “These data packets can be manipulated for security and encryption purposes and also to ensure the robustness and reliability of network,” Nelson says.

AvaLAN Wireless’ robust solution 900 MHz Ethernet connection is widely accepted by utility, retail and security providers for industrial system automation and process control. “900 MHz industrial wireless Ethernet radio is supported by Point-to-point Bridge and point-to-multipoint network that can bridge distance up to 60 miles,” illustrates Nelson. Furthermore, AvaLAN Wireless’ recently released 800Mbps wireless Ethernet radios that are specifically built for IP surveillance market where IP cameras stream live video via digital packets across LAN which can be easily stored and accessed.
Also, AvaLAN Wireless has launched 216 Mbps 4.9GHz long range wireless Ethernet radio for public safety professionals. “This radio is fully optimized for video surveillance applications which ensure peak performance,” says Nelson.

Our products are engineered to solve difficult IoT network challenges for installations that cover long range distances, seek interference immunity, top-notch reliability and data security

With a wide range of products in line, AvaLAN Wireless has shipped over 65,000 Ethernet radios to their numerous customers spread across different industry. Among their many clients in the U.S., a leading global retailer required help for architecting next-generation secured wireless network to ensure customer information and transaction confidentiality. AvaLAN Wireless deployed the customized secure wireless network including firmware and hardware to support SSL certificates, Virtual LAN packet handling and Trivial File Transfer Protocol capabilities. These unique features ensured a secured wireless network for mobile POS, confidential banking information and for other networked devices.

Over the last decade AvaLAN Wireless is constantly leading the innovation environment to extend its line of products. Moving forward, the company is planning to execute standard industrial automation in the factory, and facility market through its process control and machine operation systems.

AvaLAN Wireless

Madison, AL

Matthew Nelson, President and CEO

Developer and manufacturer of long range industrial wireless radios and cryptographic technology.