Wyless: M2M Solutions that Cover Entire IoT Stack

Charles Kriete, CRO
The Internet of Things (IoT) is impacting how we live and work–encompassing everything from cell phones, to coffee makers, washing machines, and even wearable devices. The technology, on a broader scale, can be applied to things like transportation networks and smart cities that can help reduce waste and improve efficiencies. Founded in 2003, Wyless is a company that offers complete end-to-end solutions that simplify the development and deployment of IoT and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications across the globe. With a smarter approach to the challenges of M2M, Wyless understands that every application has its own unique requirements and that customers need access to a wide range of highly specialized services backed up by dedicated support. “Whether customers have a parking meter solution or a managed Wi-Fi solution, we’re positioned to enable it,” says Charles Kriete, CRO, Wyless.

The company’s flagship solution, Porthos is the leading M2M management software, which provides complete control over customers’ M2M solutions. With comprehensive feature sets including reporting, device and network management, provisioning, billing, and real-time usage alerts, Porthos allows clients to manage their services from any location, at any time. With Wyless Connect, another solution, the company provides secure connectivity for financial, digital signage, kiosk, point of sale, and medical device domains. The company’s multi-carrier global network infrastructure is one of the most mature, stable and reliable networks, and delivering wireless connectivity to millions of devices around the globe. The Wyless API allows clients to integrate management functionality directly into their own applications providing an unprecedented level of control and flexibility to application developers. Wyless’s main area of expertise lies in managed services, where their software and connectivity solutions together facilitate them to pursue every major vertical.

The company’s robust SaaS platform allows customization to deep levels, such that if a customer doesn’t want source connectivity from wireless, then Wyless can assist them via its Platform-as-a-Service.
“An area that we’re investing very heavily in right now is our platform for readymade solutions on the SaaS, to make sure we enable our enterprise customers to use our software platform in conjunction with their own connectivity or wireless solutions,” notes Kriete.

We're giving clients incredible amount of efficiency by delivering them our management platform for multiple carriers all across the globe

“From a vertical perspective, we have dabbled in almost everything and we have a telematics division which certainly helps in empowering clients within the IoT sphere,” says Kriete. Wyless is well prepared to provide coverage in any area of the globe which is truly one of their main differentiating factors from competitors. An important aspect of the IoT industry that is sometimes overlooked is security, and it is a key value proposition for Wyless. The company’s private managed network allows them to create standard VPN networking technologies for connecting to wireless devices in the field. “This managed private network, reaches multiple carriers and providescustomers with an incredible amount of efficiency and security,” says Kriete.

Wyless maintains strategic partnerships with industry leaders to help their clients address all the horizontal stacks in the IoT value chain. The company has a good number of partners with whom they associate including T-Mobile, Sprint, Tridium, Integron, and PWS. Looking ahead, the company plans to remain firmly rooted in the technology sector as the IoT industry changes at a very rapid pace.


Lawrence, MA

Charles Kriete, CRO

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