SparkCognition: Cognitive Platform Enables Industrial Safety and Security

Amir Hussain, CEO
The exponential rise in the use of digital devices, smart phones, tablets and wired machines has led to an explosion in the amount of data being generated and collected. This gargantuan amount of data is beyond the scope of human analysts, who would not be able to gain meaningful insights from it in a timely manner. Therefore, there is a data-driven revolution underway, with computers taking over tasks that have traditionally been the purview of humans. This tectonic shift in data management is bringing about new opportunities and novel applications in the Internet of Things (IoT). There is a palpable need for intelligent cognitive software that can ingest large amounts of data and build models to allow businesses to make decisions. SparkCognition, a Texas based Cognitive Security Analytics company offers solutions that are built on patent-pending Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning techniques to safeguard data in critical scenarios and also deal with evolving digital security threats as and when they surface. “Humans can never keep up with the data complexity and software tools that enable IoT, such as sensors, network bus and storage” says Amir Husain, CEO of SparkCognition. “That's how we position ourselves in the IoT stack - sitting on top of the sensor and data acquisition bus, making sense of the oceans of analog and digital big data streaming through, ultimately delivering valuable business level insights to our clients,” Husain adds.

With several notable customers, including Fortune 500 companies in the energy, manufacturing and logistics industries, SparkCognition’s MindFabric and SparkPredict applications are the most sought after solutions for their success in failure identification, timely prediction and cause isolation. The company has enabled its clients, especially those in the logistics space to gain vast benefits by deploying their industry-changing fleet monitoring solutions. Recently, SparkCognition partnered with 1st Detect, a company that manufactures chemical sensors, to help them identify irregularities and make predictions about materials being analyzed by their mass spectrometers.“These sensors can be deployed in public safety applications, such as at airports, or in food and manufacturing environments. For these critical applications, it's absolutely essential for cognitive analytics to constantly learn, self-optimize and improve outcomes,” says Husain.
SparkCognition is the only IoT company partnering with IBM Watson to leverage the Watson platform to build ground breaking cognitive applications. SparkCognition’s position as an industry leader is based on its pioneering technology, backed by a large number of filed and pending patents. The MindFabric platform is a critical differentiating factor that distinguishes SparkCognition from its competitors. MindFabric encompasses Machine Learning with world-leading algorithms for IoT and maintains a Cognitive Repository that aggregates a massive number of security events to train predictive algorithms and deliver insights to customers. Additionally, Automated Model Building enables large companies to adapt to different environments, scale assets, and manage operations cost-effectively.

Our job as industry leaders is to enable clients with tools that identify and highlight problems an thread before they occur, we built technology that imparts critical insight to our customers

SparkCognition also offers Cognitive Analytics for safety and security applications in most IoT verticals to help them predict asset failures and minimize losses due to equipment malfunction and downtime. “In terms of future focus, we think these types of capabilities will benefit verticals like Automotive and Aviation in exciting ways. As industry leaders, it's our responsibility to show customers and partners how they can derive the most benefit from Cognitive technology” suggests Husain.

Going forward, SparkCognition plans to enhance its existing market-relevant technology and Cognitive Analytics Platform to drive customer success.


Austin, Tx

Amir Hussain, CEO

A Cognitive Security Analytics company whose platform is built on patent-pending Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning techniques to serve companies.