Numerex: Deploying Deep Domain Competencies in the M2M Space

CIO VendorStratton J. Nicolaides, CEO
There’s a simple reason why the machine-to-machine (M2M) industry has shown steady growth since Numerex was founded in 1992: The technology enables businesses, governments and other organizations to save money, make money, or both. Those bottom-line benefits also explain why significant M2M growth is expected to continue for decades to come.

Numerex stands as a leading provider of interactive and on-demand machineto- machine enterprise solutions across multiple industries. For example, several companies in the bulk fluid distribution industry use Numerex’s Distribution Optimization solutions to minimize distribution costs, identify and prioritize critical deliveries, and completely eliminate stock-outs. These savings and revenue enhancements provide distributors a compelling return on their M2M investments, with a bonus of increasing customer satisfaction. In the areas of Remote Monitoring & Control, marginal Oil and Gas Well operators gain visibility into site operational status including: tank fill levels, pressures, temperature, flare and the status of other critical operations thereby avoiding costly field visits. In the area of Asset ID & Tracking, M2M clearly plays a large role managing large fleets of trucks; and tracking containers, bins, and pallets--as well as almost anything else.

For other companies, the ROI centers on the ability to track and protect raw materials and finished goods every step of the way, from the field, to the factory, to the store. As a result, Numerex’s M2M solutions help protect operators from the roughly $30 billion in losses that retail and supply chain suffer annually.

The judicial, and probation and parole industry is another beneficiary of Numerex’s solutions. Numerex’s patent portfolio of more than 100 patents includes technologies that enable remarkable location accuracy, even indoors, for electronic monitoring of ankle bracelets.

Numerex’s offender monitoring solution uses cellular and satellite technology to pinpoint and report the wearer’s location; and it gives law enforcement agencies the ability to create a geo-fence “inclusion zones” and “exclusion zones” that are customized for each offender ensuring that he is where he is supposed to be before, during, and after working hours. Society as a whole benefits from Numerex’s solutions as well. For every offender who can be monitored electronically rather than kept in jail, the judicial system saves $50 or more per day per offender. Electronic monitoring is still in its infancy, with about 5 percent adoption across the most forward-thinking judicial entities thus far. The ability to save billions annually will be increasingly attractive to governments struggling to find additional money for public safety, schools, pensions and infrastructure.

Safety and Security is also a huge industry for M2M, as alarm monitoring cellular technology is becoming more ubiquitous than traditional landlines; and personal tracking and emergency response solutions for children, the elderly, and lone workers are gaining popularity every year.

One thing that’s changed over the past decade is that business, governments and other organizations are becoming increasingly more aware about the benefits of M2M. They now see how their customers and competitors benefit, and they’re coming to Numerex to help them scale up their own solution, or to allow Numerex, which offers full end-to-end M2M capabilities, to do it for them. The Numerex DNA™ approach- Device, Network and Application- as well as consultation and managed services, gives Numerex the capability to help a company deploy an M2M solution using Numerex’s flexible deployment platform quickly, efficiently and effectively.

As the sector continues its nascent growth, the term “M2M” is being replaced by “Internet of Things” (IoT), which reflects how wireless can be used to monitor, secure and support a limitless amount of assets, applications and even people, such as children, lone workers and Alzheimer’s patients. In the future, the term may actually become the Internet of Everything, and Numerex is here to enable it.


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Stratton J. Nicolaides, CEO

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