Novatel Wireless: Brings the Internet of Things to life

Alex Mashinsky, CEO
Applications demand more intelligent wireless solutions than ever before.One who devotes time online knows that thefaster the connection, the better it is.The trend in networking is to offer more lucid, comprehensive and powerful services and applications in the IoT space.

A company that bringsinnovations to life by eradicating the complexities of a fragmented ecosystem by simplifying IoT for customers and partners is Novatel Wireless.The company has invented and reinvented ways that make this world a more connected place with ease to information access. Alex Mashinsky, CEO states, “With multiple first-to-market creations, a strong and growing IP portfolio of hardware and software innovations for IoT, wehave been advancing technology and driving industry transformation for over 20 years.”

Novatel Wireless originated in 1996, with headquarters in San Diego, CA, empowers customers to maximize their services and simplify processes in order to better their lives through IoT solutions.

Prevalent Services Catered

“In the near term, our focus is set on Telematics, Telemetry and Security. Our flexible MiFi® technology platform allows us to open doors to a variety of segments within these verticals, including the development of new use cases,” says Mashinsky. The most advanced technology and a unique feature set means that the solutions customers purchase from Novatel Wireless are future proof and ensure that they are getting the best results possible.In Telematics, the current focus for the firm is UBI and Fleet management, where UBI is just beginning to take off on a global scale.

With UBI, Novatel Wireless is not only able to provide best in class technology to encourage safer driving but also dispenses advanced diagnostics. “We deliver the tools to our partners so that they can open up new revenue streams by offering new value-add services to their customers,” adds Mashinsky.

Alongside, Fleet Telematics, Novatel Wireless pours advanced technology not found in any other solution. The firm created a highly sensitive device in the MiFi Drive OBD and mobile tracking series with dual accelerometers known for its advanced diagnostics and crash detection capabilities.

A turnkey platform enables easy customization and quick deployment. One solution is the MiFi Powered SA 2100 LTE M2M gateway available for telematics or telemetry applications.
It is ideal for emergency response teams who need connectivity shared across a field fleet team and is also appropriate for applications that require high bandwidth such as video surveillance and digital signage.

There are many competitors, but very few true OEMs with a proven track record in innovation and leading tech in this space. This is what separates Novatel Wireless from the rest of the pack. The firm has cultivated strong relationships with distributors and global telcos and knows their markets and needs.

With state of the art Antenna Labs and three R&D facilities, owned by Novatel Wireless, the company is able to engineer and integrate a highly efficient proprietary antenna design for unrivaled performance.

Novatel Wireless created a highly sensitive device in the MiFi Drive OBD and mobile tracking series with dual accelerometers known for its advanced diagnostics and crash detection capabilities

The investment to best quality and practices include 3rd party compatibility testing for many IoT scenarios. The commitment to success of their partners includes a commitment to innovation in order to deliver cost-effective solutions that are scalable.

Future Ahead

The market needs partners that can remove the complexities of a very fragmented IoT ecosystem with solutions that include faster tech, maximum power management, better security, longer battery life, flexible platforms, and value add services. Novatel Wireless wishes to continue to solve those riddles and stay ahead of the pack whilethe competition has been slow to catch up.

Mashinsky concludes, “We continue to define the future of mobile broadband by maintaining our focus on developing the best, most secure user experience and can’t wait to deliver what’s next.”

Novatel Wireless

San Diego, CA

Alex Mashinsky, CEO

A provider of wireless broadband access solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market.