NIKSUN: Accelerating the Industrial Revolution in the IoT Space

Dr. ParagPruthi, CEO
The volume of traffic generated through the Internet of Things (IoT) and conventional Internet nodes vary greatly. The traditional Internet causes significant deviation in traffic, and makes average behavior less frequent. In the IoT world, the amount of network traffic generated is much lesser. However, correlating and assessing this traffic for security violations requires high-speed methods at aggregation points, and becomes quite challenging as the number of devices increases. This requirement is the key area of work for NIKSUN, a cyber security and network performance company, based in Princeton, NJ. NIKSUN, responsible for making the unknown known, provides a highly accessible array of real-time cyber security and performance management solutions.

Today, NIKSUN remains the exclusive monitoring solution with the ability to simultaneously detect, assess, correlate and store network traffic.

In the words of Dr. Parag Pruthi, NIKSUN Found¬er, Chairman and CEO: “Many public compa¬nies are unable to cater to the requirement of a research-based innova¬tive approach, as they have short-term goals, and depend on acquisi¬tions for research. We differentiate ourselves by a future-oriented approach, which helps in in¬troducing revolutionary technologies every five to six years.”

NIKSUN’s research and development (R&D) retains its talent to adhere from exploring in short bursts, and rather focuses on long-term innovations. This R&D tactic elevates the success and security of organizations that hinge on NIKSUN solutions.

Ideal Time to Be in the IoT Space

The Internet of Things requires a “sink” for the information produced by the IoT devices, such as private or public cloud infrastructure. An increase in the number of these devices would further lead to huge demands for storing and processing the data. A proper scalable hierarchical architecture is needed to grow the measurement infrastructure, which otherwise is a great challenge. Therefore, the IoT space, offers a unique set of opportunities.
Moreover, traditional industries such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, retail and others are experiencing revolutionary changes, regarding storing information from these IoT devices. Several upcoming industries are also looking forward to leveraging these devices through Big Data Analytics. For instance, automotive firms are developing smart cars that are able to communicate with each other and take precautionary or diversionary measures to avoid congestion and regulate traffic.

Due to opportunities for research, Dr. Pruthi became first attracted to this IoT space rooted in wireless and wireline communications and communication control systems. He learned that for this new revolution to succeed, two important aspects are to be focused upon. One aspect would be pathway measurement for unrestricted flow in communication. The other feature is security, as there is a need to ensure that the transactions are not subject to be hijacked and misused. NIKSUN continues to work on these two aspects, with an aim to establish operational efficiency in the IoT domain.

The M2M Dilemma

Dr. Pruthi has observed that amidst the ongoing advancements, the industry still lags behind with respect to machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. However, several service providers worldwide are actively trying to address the concern. In the next few years, a significant deployment of IoT and connectivity leading to huge volumes of M2M communications is expected. In addition, the need for engineering talent in this domain is high. NIKSUN is vigorously exploring the opportunities in M2M with an end goal: to make a perfect system.

“In the upcoming years, IoT verticals such as industrial automation, automotive advances, smart grid, manufacturing, distribution and logistics would be our areas of focus,” says Dr. Pruthi, “These industries are employing IoT services faster than others.”

NIKSUN positions itself within the IoT space to monitor and secure unique traffic from end-to-end. By encompassing the whole of traffic, NIKSUN plans to ensure that the Internet of Things revolution succeeds.


Princeton, NJ

Dr. ParagPruthi, CEO

A provider of real-time, forensics-based network monitoring and Cyber security solutions.