Mesh Systems: Driving the Design of Smart Products That Connect Devices, Data and People

Richard V Baxter Jr., CEO
A promising new technology paradigm called the Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to transcend the way products are designed and developed. With this technology, any product can be transformed into a “smart” product. As a smart product, its values and capabilities are amplified by weaving together devices, software and network connections into a single, product solution. Any serious contribution to the advance of the IoT must be the result of synergetic activities that assimilate different fields of knowledge, such as telecommunications, informatics, electronics and social science.

In this complex scenario, Mesh Systems approaches this intricate discipline and contributes to overall industry’s development. Mesh Systems, founded in 2005 and established in Carmel, IN, designs and deploys turnkey IoT/M2M solutions that include hardware, software, and networking frameworks. Richard Baxter, President and CEO says, “As a result of our extensive experience, Mesh Systems has significant domain expertise across the entire IoTspace. That deep expertise, combined with MeshVista, our cloud based platform and our efficient supply chain, allow us huge advantages in how to create entire IoT-based product solutions for our clients.”

Reshaping Product Boundaries:

Mesh Systems is one of few companies that can offer a complete, end-to-end solution from application design to manufacture to deployment. For instance, if an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) client wants to recharge its product set, Mesh Systems brainstorms with them on how to weave together their existing products with cloud based services. The goal is to help OEM clients develop new products that drive additional revenues or have lower maintenance and service costs.

Mesh Systems works with companies that operate in utilities, commercial and consumer industrials, transportation, oil and gas, life sciences and healthcare industries. Organizations in these industries need to design “smart solutions.” One such industry application is “smart energy” which is defined as a solution that combines devices, network connectivity and cloud based services into a system that facilitates the production, consumption and storage of energy.
In another application example, Mesh Systems worked with a commercial beverage dispensing manufacturer to design an IoT solution that allows the service team to remotely monitor, manage and predict necessary maintenance of dispensing machines on a 24x7 basis. The successful “smart maintenance” system resulted in increased machine uptime, lower maintenance costs and an enhanced customer experience.

Another Mesh Systems’ client, Anheuser-Busch, deployed a “smart merchandising” application that amplifies PR and advertising initiatives associated with its partnership with the National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB). The IoT system connects smart, interactive tap handles with real-time data about professional sports’ scores. “These smart tap handles can be found in numerous bars and restaurants throughout the country. Every time the home team scores, they flash and help Anheuser-Busch generate even more excitement and brand connections with their consumers,” adds Baxter.

Mesh Systems is one of few companies that can offer a complete, end-to-end solution from application design to manufacture to deployment

Growth is expected to continue on the fast-track due to massive market opportunities. “Mesh Systems is very optimistic about the IoT industry and our own extensive growth opportunities. As a key player in this industry, we see how IoT will transform companies as this technology becomes an integral part of every future product. And we will continue to invest in ourselves so we can focus on helping our clients bring their own Smart products to market,” states Baxter.

Mesh Systems

Carmel, IN

Richard V Baxter Jr., CEO

Experts in the design and deployment of IoT systems that help OEM enterprises build smart products that outperform and outlast other products.