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CIO VendorMartin Manniche, Founder & CEO
The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a revelation. It has given rise to smarter, more agile methods for helping businesses create new ways to connect to customers, and drive revenue opportunities through product innovation. Based in Irvine, CA, Greenwave Systems is positioned as an early leader in IoT with its ability to enable category-leading brands to produce world-class IoT products and services efficiently and at scale. The company’s disruptive engagement model and services platform resolves the difficult challenges of providing these managed services as a repeatable and profitable business model.

Our technology is disruptive and it is supported by over 40 patents that have helped to roll out millions of devices to the field

Martin Manniche, who serves as the Chairman and CEO, also founded the company in 2008. Under his leadership, Greenwave has become one of the leading IoT platform providers for numerous organizations from varying industries. On explaining the secret behind the company’s success, Martin delineates, “Our technology is disruptive and it is supported by over 40 patents that have helped to roll out millions of devices to the field.” He further adds, “The Company leverages a very disruptive business process supported by a seasoned team with deep domain experience in networking, software as a service and consumer electronics.”
Synopsis of a Disruptive Engagement Model
Greenwave believes success in IoT requires a fresh approach that is customized to a company’s specific product strategy and business goals. With that in mind, the company pioneered its disruptive 360° engagement model to align the customer’s business strategy with product execution through numerous business and technical assessments. The result is a service delivery process improved by faster time to market, decreased operating expenses and enhanced service levels and customer retention.

Greenwave’s Axon services platform is the technology for enabling network-based services, and is already deployed in over three million devices. The platform cuts across a variety of applications such as home automation, video enablement and connected lighting to name a few. Customers have the advantage of running their frameworks that they developed on the platform itself.

Ultimately what customers gain is device-powered real-time data that can be used to create highly targeted revenue-generating business models.

Greenwave has primarily maintained its focus on large service providers, telcos, consumer electronics companies, and utilities. Verizon, DIRECTV, E.ON and TCP are some of the leading brands that have had fruitful engagements with the firm’s offerings.

Getting Ready for the Future
2015 will be an exciting year for Greenwave as it accelerates its global leadership with additional staff to support new business, and increased revenue and profitability for the long term. The biggest challenge Greenwave sees in coming years is ensuring the quality of their software platform remains world-class as demand within the IoT landscape escalates, and addressing key issues such as security and data privacy to strengthen consumer confidence in IoT.

Greenwave Systems

Irvine, CA

Martin Manniche, Founder & CEO

A leading IoT software and services company whose Greenwave360° solution makes it easy for brands to quickly and easily deliver breakthrough managed services to their customers.