Avalan Wireless: Leading the ‘Smart’ Revamp of Ethernet Cosmos

Matt Nelson, CEO and President
In today's business world, honest, and efficient access to information has become an important asset in the quest to achieve a competitive advantage. File cabinets and mountains of paper have given way to computers that store and manage information electronically. Computer networking technologies are the glue that holds many elements together. The public Internet allows businesses around the world to share information with each other and their customers.

Avalan founded in 2004, is an industry leading developer and manufacturer of long range industrial wireless radios and cryptographic technology. Based in Madison, AL, Avalan’s products are designed to enable affordable secure wireless connections in perimeters or remote locations. Avalan, based in North America also serves Australia and South & Central America.

“If someone in the IoT space is looking for a wireless Ethernet connection that is extremely reliable and secure, and needs some level of customization Avalan delivers these solutions. Whether you are connecting something across a parking lot or across town, we have solutions that exceed customers expectation by never failing and always delivering data twenty four hours a day and seven days a week,” says Matt Nelson, CEO, and President at Avalan.

Backlogs in IoT and Technology Involved
Security has been a pain point in the IoT space. Over the last ten years, Avalan has shipped over 65,000 radios all into the IoT space. Avalan has sophisticated government certified encryption technology and this serves as one of their advantages over the other vendors.
Avalan has been engaged in the unlicensed band technology of 900MHz and it is one of the greatest strengths of the firm. This is very much of an industrial wireless spectrum used for connectivity be it in the utility space, retail space, security market, with connectors to IP surveillance cameras, access control systems. Another particular area where Avalan is focused on is in the wireless Ethernet communications, but for them to be reliable some unique protocols and packet error corrections are done by Avalan to be able to get guaranteed packet delivery. In conditions of the encryption technology, there’s a government standard put up by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Testing), called the FIPS 140 standards and Avalan is 140- 2 level two fully certified and compliant.

The firm continues to construct applications that need a reliable Ethernet connection which is 24/7 always connected kind of a device spreading out to different markets, making close to fundamental technology applicable in that situation.

From here to Eternity
Weighing on the evolution of engineering, it is towards connecting more devices, Avalan’s focus lies at IoT that would be like expansion of a number of devices connecting to those networks; increase in traffic as well as in the security side where constant development is required. Avalan has been working with some of the largest OEM customers trying to innovate continuously in the encryption technology. The firm has incorporated radio into one of the products and the procedure of spreading it out internationally is executed too.

Avalan Wireless

Madison, AL

Matt Nelson, CEO and President

A provider of affordable secure wireless connections in perimeter or remote locations.