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IoT - Connectivity

Jennifer Hohman, Chief Information Officer & Vice President, Seadrill Careers

At the heart of any company lies one important thing: it’s people. In an ever-changing world, a world increasingly more overloaded with data, analytics and algorithms each day- where do we play a part? Internet of Things(IoT) is about connectivity, intertwining ourselves together with the world around us. IoT allows us to connect to our equipment so that we can work simultaneously and create a more efficient workplace. At Seadrill, our business priorities are focused on our people. What we’re trying to do now is leverage technology to inform not only crews on the rig but personnel onshore to provide alerts so that everyone can stay safe.

Any drilling contractor will agree, safety is their top priority. Offshore drilling contractors are partnering with technology companies to create innovative solutions utilizing advanced technology to make operations not only safer but more efficient. Seadrill partnered with The Marsden Group, a global technology company specializing in complex industrial environments to create a solution that utilizes machine learning, edge computing and light detection and ranging (LiDaR) technology, that not only tracks and predicts the movement of personnel in critical areas, but has the potential to stop or slow down heavy equipment. We’re setting up partnerships where companies like the Marsden group can share with the world, especially when it comes to safety and getting our people home. We’ve really gotten creative with the partnerships that we’re doing, and we really haven’t focused on what things would challenge us, but more how can we all enable?

Offshore drilling companies are increasingly investing in IoT solutions to maximize the potential benefits of having all their critical assets connected. Seadrill is utilizing IoT to optimize its operations. PLATO, a digital platform that understands vast data sets, analyzes 25k+ RT data points per second using pre-built algorithms trained to understand when any area of performance data shows exceptions. PLATO then provides clear and specific recommendations to improve overall rig performance and then learns from the actions taken aboard specific rigs and how these actions influence fleet-wide performance. Seadrill’s digitization agenda has focused on enabling employees to be more efficient in terms of the data and insight but also learning from the tools provided and using technology to maximize efficiency from equipment to employees.

As the oil and gas industry evolves to incorporate IoT into the heart of their strategies and optimize operations, IT has a greater role to play within the company. With Seadrill and Marsden, we had our drillers sit down and talk to our tech creators, learning from each other on ideas that will work and not work on the drill floor. We send them out to our rigs on a constant basis, and they just talk about business problems. What’s that business problem, what do we need to do to try to achieve a solution, and let’s enable all of those things. IT sits in the background, and when we’ve got something solved, they’re in on it and they try to figure out how we can make that happen. Why not this? Why not that? Rather than thinking about our limitations, we’ve really kind of opened it up to say let’s all get on board. It’s critical that our technology works for the driller, helping make their job easier and their crew safer. By having face to face, hand in hand interaction with our tech partners, we allow our users input into the design, to ensure the technology that truly works for our drillers.

With IoT, IT now has a crucial role to play within the company than ever before, with the integration of digitization into our operations- IT now aids in not only in everyday tasks, and procedures, but keeping people safe, and becoming a critical part of drilling.

Most Importantly, enables us to all work together- people and equipment to work simultaneously where automation keeps us safe and IoT enables to learn more about the objects around us to become more efficient than ever before

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