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Thomas Luck, CEO, FORCAM Inc.
Thomas Luck, CEO, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>FORCAM Inc.</a>

Thomas Luck, CEO, FORCAM Inc.

Today, manufacturers are facing unprecedented challenges. Not only are they confronting demand volatility, supply chain disruptions and ever-increasing competitive pressures to increase quality while reducing costs, they are also challenged to attract and maintain a skilled workforce.

Meeting these challenges requires being more intelligent, flexible, and responsive than ever before. And that means understanding your operations in more detail and in a more timely manner than ever before. Digital transformation and the adoption Manufacturing 4.0 (M4.0), leveraging capabilities such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), provides a pathway.

FORCAM is uniquely positioned to enable this transformation. FORCAM FORCE™ is a turnkey and fully flexible IIoT platform solution and the only IIoT platform with out-of-the-box MES (Manufacturing Execution System) applications.

FORCAM FORCE™ is a comprehensive platform that includes IIoT functionality to collect and transform machine and operator data, MES functionality to manage the manufacturing process, connectivity to ERP and other 3rd-party systems, and analytics to manage and optimize operations. FORCAM FORCE™ offers the right information, at the right time, to the right place for every participant in the production process. Transparency is created by connecting machine data with financial data. For everyone involved— the machine operator, the shift manager, and the plant manager—all processes are transparent, user-friendly, and comprehensible in real-time.

The FORCAM FORCE™ Platform

Using pre-build connectors to common machine protocols, FORCAM collects and translates this valuable and often overwhelming and overlooked data into the FORCAM Universal Production Data Model. In parallel, operator data is collected though an operator data terminal, This operator data includes information such as setup, start and stop times; quality information, operator ID, etc. A two-way connection with ERP and other systems completes the picture, providing information on orders, costs and materials.

Then the magic of data-driven manufacturing begins by turning this data into timely and actionable information – from Big Data to Smart Data. The intelligence of the FORCAM FORCE™ platform is the semantic production data layer (rule engine). This central intelligence collects, sorts, and validates all captured data in real-time. The rule engine assigns the correct meaning to each signal in millisecond intervals and makes it available to each application as useful information. This provides one source of the truth - a uniform data model for all departments and applications – from the factory to finance, from signal to unit costs.

This smart data is now available through a suite of MES applications for productivity, process, and planning.  We provide companies with all the information they need to control and optimize their production. With a multitude of production apps, we support you in making your processes more transparent and optimizing your workflows. This creates the basis for optimization measures and sustainable success, thereby securing your competitiveness.

For example, the Document Control application provides operator instructions, drawings and videos, and numerical control programs directly at the workstation. This significantly increases productivity in the workplace. Operators spend less time searching for the documents they need. The error source of using incorrect or outdated documents is minimized, operational, and operator safety are optimized. In addition, paper documents are no longer required in the production area. Other applications available include Production Scheduling, Track & Trace, Energy Monitoring, and Ticketing.  Additional applications are available from our partner ecosystem, such as tool management.

Analytics is where it all comes together. FORCAM includes embedded analytics functionality and more than 70 reports to enable current and historical views of the production process and to support KPI standardization. With real-time dashboards, plant level managers can continuously monitor machine status, production schedules, and quality. Trends can be monitored to proactively address deviations from standard before they become critical.  Executive management can track overall utilization and efficiency and costs.

Finally, FORCAM provides business and technology consulting to assure a successful implementation.  We work hand-in-hand with you to identify “where to start” – understanding the business value that can be achieved. Using on-premise or cloud based deployment, along with our implementation templates, your “time-to-value” can be quickly realized.

We welcome the opportunity to learn about your unique challenges and your M4.0 strategy, and to show how FORCAM can improve your operations.