American Portwell Technology: Paving the path to increase client’s value to market

Allen Lee, President and CEO
As Industry 4.0 is all set to take over the globe, the IIoT market reaches its broad-based critical mass, beginning a new wave of innovation in analytics software, cloud technologies, and business and IT services. According to a recent study by International Data Corporation (IDC), it is estimated that the global IIoT technology market is expected to reach 1.2 trillion USD by 2022. A key driver propelling IIoT growth is the need for standard protocols and devices that provide wide input power range, adequate network bandwidth to support 5G, lower power consumption, and is designed to fit in harsh industrial environments. These IIoT deployments are enabling enterprises to enhance operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Established in 1999 and headquartered in Fremont, California, American Portwell Technology (APT), is a subsidiary of Portwell, Inc. Initially, the company was a leading embedded computer manufacturer that focused on the network appliance category and manufactured computer hardware to enable security-related functions to be executed in IIoT devices. Fast forward to the present day, APT has evolved from merely being an embedded computer hardware manufacturer to an innovator in the Industrial PC field(IPC) and, provides a series of the off-the-shelf IIoT solutions for various client applications ranging from medical/healthcare, automation, communication, to the military, and transportation industries. Furthermore, to address customers’ needs in supporting various protocols to different sensors, actuators and devices, the company offers custom design and manufacturing services such as re-designing the computer board or system, modifying I/Os for more connectivity, customizing the chassis design with customer’s logo or color, etc.

APT’s mission is to increase a client’s value to market through flexible and customized solutions, supported by a speedy technical service. “The professional and speedy engineering service is a key value proposition we provide to our customers,” says Allen Lee, President and CEO. “American Portwell Technology collaborates with eco-partners and vendors, such as Intel, to invest its engineering resources and design a product roadmap with the right features to address special needs in the marketplace,” states Lee. The company’s quality management systemis ISO 13485/9001/14001 and TL- 9000 certified. Also, APT provides professional engineering service and project management for customers, and offer logistic hub and deployment service.

KUBER-2000 series

As companies strive to acquire game-changing IIoT solutions, they are faced with hurdles for time to market, lack of quality product due to unprofessional engineering service from vendors, inadequate flexibility in production and logistics. To help customers overcome these challenges, APT offers the KUBER-2000 series—a new generation of palm-sized (less than 4 inches in length), ruggedized fan-less industrial gateway, and ready-to-use industrial PC designed to reduce time-to-market and optimize power consumption.

American Portwell Technology collaborates with eco-partners and vendors, such as Intel to invest its engineering resources and design a product roadmap with the right features to address special needs in the marketplace

With IP30 housing design and extended operating temperature range, the KUBER-2000 series is suitable for use in the extreme industrial environment. The company’s standard offering’s state-of-the-art expansion architecture ensures scalability of Apollo Lake processors up to four cores. It is ideal for various applications such as industrial/factory automation, facility management, transportation, IoT nodes for data collection/ management, and edge computing.

APT offers a range of other IoT products which include:
“IoT edge” – an Intel or AMD based edge device with network connectivity and low power consumption.
• The “IoT gateway” – an Intel or AMD based gateway with adequate computing power, rich network connectivity with security feature.
• An Intel or AMD based “Network security appliance” to empower the security function in IoT environment, with full bandwidth network connectivity, various computing power, and storage.
“Computer-on-module,” – a niche product for switch application in open computing platforms, that has a built-in Intel Xeon D computing processor and offers 10Gb networking speed.

Moving on, APT recognizes the rising trend in investments and the adoption of various IoT solutions in the healthcare and transportation industry. The company is set to help customers open a myriad of possibilities through its solutions by reducing operational costs, while simultaneously improving the convenience and efficiency of the healthcare/ transportation services. “With over two decades of experience in the embedded computer manufacturing field, APT views these industries as the ‘next big step’ for the IoT market and is keen to capitalize on the trend by providing new IoT functions to help customers succeed,” concludes Lee.

American Portwell Technology

Fremont, CA

Allen Lee, President and CEO and Shineyang Shih, VP of Sales, Frank Shen, VP of Product Marketing

American Portwell Technology is a leading embedded computer manufacturer and an Associate member of the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance,who provides IoT hardware solution from IoT Edge, Gateway, network security appliance to OEM products used in a server room. The company's IoT products have been used in many applications such as network firewall, network security access control/management, terminal server, edge device for medical equipment management, gateway device in industrial robotics, and train’s wayside control and management

American Portwell Technology