WINT: Unlocking the Water Conservation ROI

Maya Aharon, General Manager
Commercial realestate properties, residential apartments, and big corporate campuses depend heavily on the continuous supply of water. Although measures have been taken to manage and conserve water, legacy tools designed to track and reduce its consumption typically lack the ability to detect leaks, prevent damage, and meaningfully eliminate waste. What’s more, inefficient water consumption can make a significant dent in a company’s bottom line. Catering to the needs of big corporate, residential, and commercial realestate projects, San Francisco-based tech company, WINT seeks to bridge this gap with a combination of hardware and software solutions. The firm offers an IoT-powered water intelligence platform that water consumption, but also benchmarks water usage through real-time behavioral analysis. WINT’s offerings provide data-driven insights that empower commercial real estate professionals to efficiently conserve water and curtail the array of risks that are associated with its improper management.

Most companies use AMR (Automatic Meter Readings) to study water consumption at a particular site (residential or commercial building, office campus, etc.) and apply algorithms to glean insights after the data has been collected. This approach has its limitations, as the data collected can only be used to reactively detect leaks, which means major damage may already have occurred by the time it’s analyzed. WINT, on the other hand, takes a two-pronged approach that involves aggregating and analyzing data through AMRs in conjunction with real-time pattern recognition. Using IoT devices installed at strategic endpoints, WINT’s analytics tools translate water flow and usage into various recognizable patterns. “Using comparative analysis, our technology determines the rate of water consumption and points out the areas where water conservation measures can be implemented. If a leak occurs, you’ll know immediately,” explains Maya Aharon, General Manager, WINT Inc.

Various organizations—technology giants, in particular—are using the WINT solution to streamline water conservation measures and ultimately, reduce operational costs.

We can demonstrate the rate of water consumption with intuitive dashboards and comparative analysis and point out the areas where water conservation measures can be implemented

In one such instance, a large technology company was struggling to zero in on the cause of water loss on their campus. After deploying WINT, they detected the source of the inefficiency: the company’s toilets. This led to an inspection of the fixtures themselves, which were found to be faulty. Given access to accurate information, the technology company was able to significantly reduce costs and improve water efficiency throughout the property. At a time when most organizations are exploring avenues to drive down costs, the WINT solution offers companies and commercial real estate owners an opportunity to improve efficiency throughout their facilities, detect leaks, prevent costly damage, and ultimately make more informed decisions about which fixtures to select and install. “Our mission is to ensure that both commercial and residential buildings are resilient and less risk-prone with respect to insurance,” says Maya.

WINT’s core strength is its ability to aggregate data from connected devices and derive actionable insights in real-time. In the coming years, the company plans to collaborate with insurance carriers to build pricing policies based on IoT-powered predictive analytics. The firm also plans to help appliance manufacturers improve the quality of their products. What’s more, WINT envisions bolstering local, state, and federal governments’ water conservation initiatives by incorporating data-driven, value-based offerings.


San Francisco, CA

Maya Aharon, General Manager

WINT’s real-time IoT-based water management solution revolutionize the way water is managed and conserved in the residential and commercial real estate sector