Radius IoT: Addressing the ‘Data’ Aspect of Smart Cities

Jeff Cox, CEO
As smart cities gradually become a reality supported by the heavy inflow of autonomous technology, sensors and visibility devices, and beacons, city officials are concerned around the upcoming technologies, and legal issues related to data governance. With the urgent need to unlock the massive potential held in disparate data systems, public sector and governments are increasingly looking for smart solutions that can help them deal with the existing data silos. A veteran in the database industry, Jeff Cox, is extending his decades of experience to help organizations leverage data to fast track their smart city initiatives. Cox co-founded Radius IoT to offer an advanced, highly scalable, turnkey big data and operations platform for IoT deployments, Radius. The platform provides cities the power to build smarter cities by fully leveraging their data for generating new revenue streams, providing improved services to citizens, and drastically reducing the operating cost.

With authorities investing heavily on IoT and smart infrastructure to simplify complex systems and provide scalable solutions for growing cities, Radius IoT implements its real-time solution for utilization of city’s data. Leveraging its leading-edge analytics technology and city data, Radius helps city officials to take real-time decisions by delivering meaningful insights utilizing advanced statistical, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. Intrigued by Radius’ capabilities, Cisco has partnered with Radius IoT for data analytics. This partnership has enabled Radius to integrate with Cisco’s range of technologies including CDP Connected Digital Platform, Jasper, IoT Connect Platform, Meraki, Edge Fog Fabric, and UCS Unified Computing System.

“Addressing every issue, from data procurement and enhancements, to data enrichment, monetization, and analysis, Radius integrates with any existing IoT platform, and allows IoT infrastructure management through centralized real-time reporting,” explains Cox. The platform is compatible with structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data along with any number of objects within the dataset. The Radius platform, through open API integrations, seamlessly loads information such as city data, crime data, real-estate data, or any other legacy data and analyzes large volumes of data by utilizing AI to provide real-time insights with data visualization.

Radius integrates with any existing IoT platform, and allows IoT infrastructure management through centralized real-time reporting

Radius IoT also offers ‘industry standard’- compatible data connectors for inter-connecting different cities and reporting teams through the internet—enabling cross-domain intelligence and data enrichment.

The Radius platform is simple and easy to use. The cloud-based solution eliminates the 4-5 months long process of server setups, provisioning, and installations and makes the platform available to clients instantly. Since Radius IoT maintains an in-house data warehouse, it also has the ability to perform deep learning, AI, and ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load). Radius IoT holds a deep technical expertise in dealing with a city’s disparate data and legacy technologies. The company also possesses strong legal procedural understanding which is essential for successful project deployments. Radius IoT does this by assessing the city, writing up a business plan, and submitting the business plan to the federal government after working with all of the different government departments to procure the federal money set aside for smart city projects.

Cox’s team at Radius IoT consists of enterprise data experts with the knowhow of the latest in data management technologies. Equipped with the best-in-class technology and proven methodologies in the analytics, Radius IoT stays keen on clients’ needs and requirements. “Each city has a new idea that we haven’t thought of,” says Cox. Following a customer-centric approach, the company understands each city’s unique needs and adds newer functionalities with every update. Radius IoT is also focusing on several innovations such as collecting and processing data from consumer wearables to identify traffic patterns of the pedestrians without compromising individual data.

Radius IoT

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Jeff Cox, CEO

Delivers smart city solutions leveraging the latest in big data and analytics technologies

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