DRIVEN-4: Ingenuity in Connected Product Development

Fred Bellio, Managing Partner & Co-Founder
With billions of devices— from coffee machines to jet engines—now interconnected through networks, IoT has effectively transformed the world into one big information system. While organizations across industries intend to capitalize on IoT by upgrading their infrastructure with smart devices, they are often at a loss when it comes to selecting the best-in-class IoT platform that suits their business need. Although pilot projects come to the rescue when an organization is uncertain about the feasibility of a solution, these proof of concepts, typically demonstrate short-term benefits as opposed to viable, long-term sustainable advantages.

In such a scenario, DRIVEN-4 is reinventing connected product development by first studying the business needs of a company and then designing and operationalizing a strategic vision. From well-grounded insights and processes to system design and development, along with cybersecurity, DRIVEN-4 maps a holistic plan to deliver state-of-the-art connected products and services. With a strong background in the PLM and manufacturing space, the founders of DRIVEN-4 have a deep understanding of developing and supporting sophisticated products, not as a provider but as an end-user. “We not only design a foolproof solution, but we build it and operationalize it, all backed by our years of combined expertise,” says Fred Bellio, managing partner and co-founder, DRIVEN-4.

Starting with creating a business value strategy aligned to corporate goals, the company then formulates a top-down process integration plan. For example, if a client adopts a new business model, enabled by IoT, DRIVEN-4 ensures that the solution yields maximum ROI and sustainability. In addition to driving business processes in an efficient manner, the company follows a technology-agnostic approach based on a solid foundation of use cases that are tailored to clients’ needs. “We look at IoT as a component that integrates within the entire business and works as a business enabler instead of a one-off solution” states Bellio.
Since security and privacy are critical issues in the development of connected devices, DRIVEN-4 provides proven cybersecurity frameworks to address these real-life risks. With a staggering increase in demand for connected devices, DRIVEN-4 is currently focused on original equipment manufacturers, (OEM) as smart IoT solutions enable industrial OEMs to increase operational efficiency, reduce device support, enhance customer engagement, and increase profitability.

We not only design a foolproof solution, but we build it and operationalize it, all backed by our years of combined expertise

For example, a major OEM was currently unable to gather any information on user interaction or product performance of its product due to the products being non-connected and sold through retailers. This situation created a cycle where the manufacturers’ only end customer interaction was when the customer lodged a complaint. With DRIVEN-4, the client was able to revamp its product offering and create IoT-enabled devices. “Our solution not only enabled the manufacturer to set a new benchmark in IoT innovation, but they can now maintain proactive customer relationships, add functionalities according to consumer feedback, and substantially increase their revenue,” explains Bellio.

Moving forward, DRIVEN-4’s future endeavors will be centered on developing new and advanced solutions to radically transform IoT capabilities. Currently, the company is building app suites for niche areas in the manufacturing space that will be fully compatible with a wide range of platforms. “We want to be the go-to IoT solution for OEMs across the U.S., and next-gen innovation will be our key to achieving that,” ends Bellio.


Saint Joseph, MI

Fred Bellio, Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Provides strategies and system design and development for connected products and services for OEMs and other industries