LHP Engineering Solutions: Optimized Embedded Solutions for High-Performance Throughput

Michael King, President-Data Analytics Solutions
Today’s automotive industry is driven heavily by the integration of technologies and innovations. “Be it emissions and service monitoring, fuel economy efficiencies, traffic controls, automatic brake controls, self-parking, or dozens of engine variations, modern automakers are on a constant lookout for streamlined, high-performing engineering processes and technologies,” begins Michael King, President-LHP Data Analytics Solutions.

Based in Columbus, IN, LHP Engineering Solutions brings expertise in embedded control systems, model-based design, physics-based modeling, telematics, and data analytics to solve the most complex engineering challenges, ultimately driving businesses forward. “Our team assesses an organization’s goals and integrates embedded electronic controls systems, platform products, and expert engineering processes that streamline operations, improve quality, schedule, and development cost for leading auto manufacturers,” notes King. The firm also works with engineering leaders to develop increasingly complex embedded electronic control systems, amidst meeting demands of industry standards, regulations, harnessing the capabilities of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Moreover, businesses often struggle to create a software infrastructure for capturing equipment data and transform it into meaningful insights. “Whether clients need to collect or analyze data, create back-end reports, develop over-the-air programming, or create robust data communications software, LHP meets their requirements.” LHP offers capabilities to create the architecture, detail design and integrate the various telematics components into a holistic system. The firm’s IoT solutions are simple, automated, and affordable, giving users the ability to organize, view, and control information flow to maximize their equipments’ efficiency,” states King. “Our telematics software development experience applies to both engineering and equipment field usage applications as well as software applications that are both web-based and embedded.”

LHP has nearly a decade of experience in developing telematics solutions that allow connectivity and remote access to vehicle and heavy equipment assets.

Our telematics software development experience applies to both engineering and equipment field usage applications as well as software applications that are both web-based and embedded

Through strategic technology partnerships, LHP possesses strong expertise in the application of storing and providing analytics to support the interpretation of Big Data that is collected from these vehicle assets. “With IoT experience ranging from battery management systems to industrial machines, we can create applications that operate reliably on the equipment, in the engineering laboratory, admin offices, as well as in service environment,” says King.

LHP also empowers customers by meeting their huge demand for control and plant modeling software, rapid prototyping solutions, and system-level verification and validation.

“We support a vast array of customers and deliver projects in diverse markets and engineering disciplines,” affirms King. “We routinely begin with customer support and design or improve the client’s software development process by leveraging our vast experience to create cutting-edge, efficient, and economical solutions for our customers.” The optimized designed plan from LHP helps automakers set a new standard for performance in the industry, while keeping the cost low.

With best-in-class solutions, the firm plans to geographically expand with a focus to build a growing list of clientele. Forging ahead, LHP wants to accelerate the next chapter of its growth by revamping its hardware platforms—far more flexible, user-friendly, and cost-effective for best customer experiences. “We are also rolling into autonomous vehicle and manufacturing verticals and will continue to offer custom training in LHP product skills, model-based design, embedded system integration along with the demonstration of best practices,” concludes King.

LHP Engineering Solutions

Columbus, IN

Michael King, President-Data Analytics Solutions

Works with technology leaders facing complex embedded electronic control systems amidst escalating demands of industry standard and the pressure to harness the powerful opportunities of Big Data and IoT

LHP Engineering Solutions