CLX Communications: Transcending Technological and Geographical Barriers

Kjell Arvidsson, VP Corporate & Business Development
The acceptance of embedded SIM (eSIM) as a standard was serendipity for Stockholm, Sweden based CLX Communications (CLX), which was exploring ways to change paradigms of IoT arena. “Making cellular as the primary communications mechanism for IoT devices globally while improving quality and affordability, became our objective,” says Kjell Arvidsson, VP Corporate and Business Development, CLX. The standardization also gave a fillip to CLX’s efforts in allowing insertion of a physical CLX programmable SIM into an IoT device once and permitting an enterprise to alter the underlying mobile carrier to which that SIM card connects via software. When a client wants to deliver products or services in multiple networks or countries, a need for SIM card, with coverage in all networks at reasonable price-points arises. “CLX is adept in addressing the operational requirement,” states Arvidsson. “We offer global solutions that allow enterprises to send SMS, voice to anyone on the planet with a world class SLA.”

Providing seamless cellular IoT connectivity is CLX’s mission and in the same pursuit the firm offers an operator independent SIM. “We remotely update our cards with the most easily applicable number based on presence of the SIM card, furnishing best coverage and cost,” says Arvidsson. CLX enables an enterprise to change the IoT device from using AT&T to using T-Mobile depending on location, commercials, and other parameters. The CLX programmable SIM constrains the roaming cost that would have incurred due to cross border movements of products loaded with a normal single carrier SIM. With the capability of remotely updating the programmable SIM card with a new identity, CLX saves the clients from incurring high SIM card replacement cost and renegotiating price plans in accordance with budgetary constraints and market offerings.

CLX’s programmable SIM offers a gamut of advantages that range from ease of accessibility to voice capability. The product eliminates the need for multiple SIMs, lends single point of access, and terminates the intricacies that arise due to managing multiple MNO relationships and technical integrations.

We predict that every business and public services will need to make their devices and services more intelligent to stay competitive

CLX has built infrastructure on a carrier-grade platform used by Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) worldwide. “We currently have more than 200 Tier 1 relationships with mobile carriers globally and leverage the relationships across all our products to achieve a truly global and cost effective solution,” states Arvidsson. The network of multiple MNOs on programmable SIMs works effectually, optimizes global IoT services, and underpins ceaseless delivery of services.

The firm manages technology and relations with operators and delivers global connectivity through an API enabling customers to gain control of IoT operations. Also, the API built by the firm endues the clients with real-time information on data usage, location, and status of IoT device. The SIM card service by CLX holds an edge over other services in the market as it empowers the users with voice capability. An alarm system delivering a voice message directly from the device is one of the use cases of voice capability.

The leadership of CLX looks forward to tap the huge growth opportunities forecasted in IoT, and empower the clients with its cutting-edge product. “We are working on continuous improvements to our existing service as well as connecting new operators to improve coverage and costs for our clients globally,” says Arvidsson. The customer-first focus of the firm plays a crucial role in fulfilling business needs of enterprises irrespective of their size. “We predict that every business and public services will need to make their devices and services more intelligent to stay competitive,” concludes Arvidsson.

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Stockholm, Sweden

Kjell Arvidsson, VP Corporate & Business Development

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